Up for a promotion? Fast track your career!

I have worked with so many clients who’ve admitted that they’ve been feeling blah about their career for years.BLOG1 Unfortunately that didn’t stop them from aimlessly climbing the corporate ladder. They accepted promotion after promotion without ever really checking in on why or whether they even wanted it.

The problem with doing this is two fold: 1) They wasted their talents and 2) they’ve become stuck.

These clients mostly feel that they didn’t live up to their fullest potential and have ignored their own wisdom for so long that they find it incredibly difficult to get out of their own way so they can find their true passion and purpose.


The longer you continue with this numbing process the more unhappy you’ll get and the harder it will be for you to truly shine and deliver top notch work.

So how do you know when it’s time for you to change jobs or industries?

Here are two key questions you can ask yourself to test if your job is still engaging and fulfilling to you.

  1. Are you happy? Happiness has different meanings for all of us, so you have to figure out what that is for you. Here are a few examples of what make people happy: a big part of your job still makes you feel alive and satisfied, you’re well compensated for what you do, your job is gratifying.
  2. Do you still enjoy your job? In other words: Are you still being challenged and using your strengths, do you feel you have the right work-life-balance for you.

When you know the answer to these two questions and continue to monitor them, you’ll be able to diagnose the state of your career with more ease and take appropriate action to fast track your career.

Also watch this video to help you successfully develop a career you love!

Now I’d like to hear from you: Are you still happy and enjoying your job? Was there a time you didn’t feel happy in your job? How did you know it was time for you to move on? How did you make the transitions happen? Tell me in the comments below.

What it takes to make a successful career transition:

Let’s face it changing careers can be stressful, but there are a few steps that you can take to make the transition less daunting.


Here are the 4 things you’ll have to do to make your career transition successful:


  1. Allow yourself to evolve and be creative
  2. Be committed to finding your passion
  3. Compartmentalize your fear
  4. Get out of your own way and just go for it


Let me me explain exactly what I mean here:

When I made my massive industry change from Wall Street broker to Pilates instructor the first time around (that’s right, I actually did a double whammy, which I’ll tell you about soon.) I unknowingly gave myself permission to evolve and think outside the confinements of a typical career. I got really creative with what I wanted and how I could make it happen.


I was fed up enough with my current work environment which meant I was 100% committed to making the leap to find my passion. This strong urge to find something that would make me happy made it a little easier to tell my fear to take a back seat while I figured out what I wanted for my future. You see, I didn’t allow my fear to block me from going for what I wanted most in life. I also realized that the longer I stayed in a job that I strongly disliked the harder it would be to leave eventually.


To remind me of this fact I had a whole bunch of older co-workers who were miserable in their jobs but were completely stuck because they never allowed themselves to think outside of the box or pushed themselves outside their own comfort zone.  I knew I didn’t want to wake up one day and be one of those people.


Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely didn’t have it all figured out up front, but here’s what I did know:

  1. I knew I was interested and loved movement,
  2. I knew more or less how much I could earn teaching Pilates and that it would be enough to support the lifestyle I wanted


I gave some room for the process to evolve creatively and didn’t pressure it to be a specific way. Most importantly: I kept believing in myself and worked towards fulfilling my dream of finding a career I was passionate about.


Now I’d love to hear from you: 

Have you made a career transition? How did you overcome your fear? What helped you make a successful career transition?


Perhaps you’re thinking of changing jobs? Which one of these tips was most helpful to you? Or what’s holding you back?


Remember your question or answer could help someone else have a rich learning experience too!  



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