Only 3 people should know how crazy you are.



“There are only 3 people who should know exactly how crazy you are.” Is what a friend told me recently. My friend is so right!

These 3 lucky winners are:
1) Your Mom,
2) Your Best Friend,
3) Your partner/husband.

For the rest of the world you have to do your best to pull it together! Sure – we all have our moments:
– Tantrums where we kick and scream like a 3 year old because someone got something we wanted.
– Our over the top meltdown because something didn’t go the way we wanted it too.

But think about it, when have you ever felt amazing about yourself when you:
–  sent a totally out of line and nasty text to someone?
–  started playing the comparing game with someone on facebook. This resulted in some obsessive behavior, which led to you leaving a ridiculous message on that someone’s feed.

Urm like NEVER. Normally you just feel utterly stupid and foolish for overreacting.

The key is to give your crazy a little play time, before it jumps out and cause drama. Don’t keep it in or try to suppress it. Simply let your crazy be.

Ah, let’s tweet that: Don’t suppress your crazy, just let your crazy be


Actionsteps 1) Breath.
2) Talk about what’s bugging you with your mom, your best friend or your partner. Even if you think what’s bugging you is ridiculous and silly. The people who love you will understand and help you get over it.
3) Do some Yoga!

Focus on living a life where you are acting on what happens to you, rather than reacting and defending against it.