Everyone’s fighting a battle you know nothing about.

What I love about coaching is how much I learn from my clients and how amazing their progress really is. The stories that they bring me, their challenges, their wins and how they become more and more aware. How they implement the skills I help them uncover. How they learn to put these new skills into action in our sessions and in their lives is something truly powerful and sometimes even magical.

In today’s blog I’d like to share one of these with you. (Please note that permission to share this story was obtained beforehand. All my sessions are strictly confidential, unless otherwise authorised by the client.)


A few weeks ago when one of my clients walked in, I could physically feel the weight of what she had been through since our previous meeting enter the room with her. She had had a really rough couple of weeks. Her old, pre-life coached, self would have crumbled under everything she had to deal with. However she used all the new skills in her toolbox to beat back every curve ball that life had threw at her. One of the overwhelming events was her apartment almost burning down! This resulted in her having to lug almost all of her stuff to the dry cleaners for cleaning and storage.


On one of her many rushed trips to the laundromat the owner pulled her aside. He started to thank her and told her how she had saved his business.


Her loss had been his gain. He had had cancer a little while ago and the manager who looked after his shop ran the place into the ground. If it hadn’t been for her bringing in all her stuff he would have lost his business.


Although what had happened to my client was not pleasant, to say the least, she became more aware of the bigger picture. His words gave her the extra bit of motivation she needed to see her misfortune with new perspective. She experienced first hand how her actions had a ripple effect, even if she couldn’t see it. That doesn’t mean the experience didn’t suck, or that she had to put a happy face on it. She just started to realize how lucky she was in the grand scheme of things and how much she had to be grateful for… As my client finished her story we were both teary eyed.


ActionstepsAction Steps:

1) We often act like we are the center of the universe. And that our problems are the worst and biggest. Take a moment to notice and be kind to strangers around you, realize that just like yourself, they also have their own battles that they’re fighting.

2) Don’t take it all so personally. How strangers act and react towards you, almost always has nothing to do with you.

3) Then take another moment to reflect on everything you have that you are fortunate enough to have.


Realize that you can make or break someone’s day without even knowing you’re doing it. Always try to be the best version of yourself, you never know what impact you can have.


When is it ever Enough?

When is it ever enough?
(first of a two-part series)
Since I was very little, I can remember always wanting more. The first time I experienced it was when I was in kindergarten, and I won my first track sprint. From there on, I wanted to win every time. Later I started doing ballet and aced my first exam, and every time afterward I wanted to achieve those same amazing grades.
This went on until I started working on Wall Street. Then the success was measured in money and there, too, I wanted to accomplish more and more. Somehow no matter what I achieved, it was just never enough.
Until one day the question suddenly popped up: When is it – and will it ever be – enough? We basically spend our entire lives reaching and striving for the next big thing. This journey can be both exhausting and extremely stressful at the same time. Think about it: You spend way more time striving and working toward goals than the time spent achieving them. Once a goal has been reached, the high you get from the achievement wears off pretty quickly. It’s not long before you’re already fixated on the next big shiny thing.
I am not saying you shouldn’t have any drive or lofty goals. They give us a sense of purpose, something to look forward to and something to keep us motivated.
The key is to explore the “why” behind your goal.
In today’s Action Steps, find out if your goals are serving you for the right reasons:
1) What is your goal?
2) Why are you setting this goal for yourself?
3) Does the reason give you internal satisfaction or external status? In other words, is it something you want for YOU and YOUR dreams, or are you striving to reach this goal to please others and garner outside recognition?
When you pick goals that will provide internal satisfaction and growth, you’re more likely to feel fulfilled. Goals set for external recognition almost always lead to disappointment and the feeling of “it’s not enough, I want more.” And guess what: The most successful people of our time are those who set goals that are in line with their internal dreams and passions.
Watch Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, “WHY” for more on this.

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