How one marketing genius used her skills to start her own marketing agency to help brands excel.

How one marketing genius used her skills to start her own marketing agency to help brands excel.

Janet has worked with various clients providing digital and content marketing services. After two years of full-time freelancing, Janet decided to start Aimtal with her business partner. Together, they have built an agency that not only allows their team to work remotely but to also support clients remotely. Janet believes that employees deliver their best work when they have the freedom and flexibility to work and live from their favorite spots in the world.

She’s been a part of the Savvy Business Mastermind Community since June 2018 and since then she’s gone from being a freelancer to running a multiple six-figure marketing agency.

Meet Janet

Janet is the CEO + Co-founder of Aimtal. She works directly with her clients to provide exceptional digital and content marketing services. Aimtal supports businesses in the tech consulting, SaaS, and eCommerce industries.

Janet’s passion for marketing didn’t stop after college or after the many internships related to the field. Upon graduation, she worked for an IT staffing firm and helped grow its marketing strategies and department.

After three years with the firm, Janet craved flexibility and creativity. She traveled through South America for four months and upon her return to Boston, she started freelancing.

Client Challenge:

Janet joined The Savvy Business Masterminds before starting her agency. A month later, she officially started Aimtal in August 2018.

Janet was making good money as a freelancer but definitely needed help with client projects and the need to scale the business or bring on contractors to help. She was looking to get more support and accountability to help her grow her business.

Hanneke’s Solution:

Hanneke recommended to start working on her mindset.

“I didn’t have as much confidence when I joined the mastermind and now I am very confident in the decision of my business,” says Janet.

Hanneke also helps clients get clear on their mission and values of their business. Taking a look at what the bigger picture is for its impact and growth.


Janet always had the vision to work for a remote company and she has successfully set her business up to support her team and clients completely remote.

Working with Hanneke has helped me structure my business to support my lifestyle and the people who work with me.

Janet Mesh, CEO + Co-founder of Aimtal

Janet was able to set healthier boundaries in her professional relationships with my time. She is not afraid to price her services at what they’re worth and no longer has a fear of losing out on business. There will always be more clients!

Once Janet joined the mastermind, she set a revenue goal of $100,000.

Janet says, “Not only did I reach that goal, but I surpassed it!” My business is well on its way to hit its revenue goal of $250,000 and we’re actually profitable! I’m able to pay myself and my contractors well.”


Janet says, “I love how Hanneke seems to always have the answers but she doesn’t just tell you what to do. She guides me (with the help from the group) to decisions that make me feel like they’re the exact ones I need to make in order to move my business forward.”

“I put a lot of effort and hard work (and tears haha) into growing and building Aimtal. But I don’t think I would be as clear and as confident in the direction of the agency if I wasn’t in the mastermind and working with Hanneke.”

You can really benefit from having a group of entrepreneurial women to talk with and bounce ideas off of whenever you need to. Some of them become some of your very good friends and you can co-work or just meet up for drinks, etc. to chat about businesses and life.

Savvy Business Retreat:

“The Savvy Business Retreat made me ask the hard questions and really put pen to paper in what I envision for Aimtal,” says Janet.

You’ll leave with a notebook full of ideas and practical strategies. The Savvy Business retreat will help you to ask the hard questions about your business goals. To reach your goals hold yourself accountable to commit to those goals you write down for the next 1-3 years.

10 Results My Masterminders Achieved in 6 months!

We’re just about to wrap up the current round of masterminds. And I must say – what a productive round it was. I’m so proud of these ladies; they’ve really stepped up their game and up-leveled their business in just six months!

I just love masterminds! (Yes, I’m in one myself too!) Being in a mastermind builds community, collaboration, gets you out of your own way, keeps you focused and most of all it keeps you showing up in your business every day! And that builds the momentum you need to succeed.

As a result of the above my savvy mastermind ladies accomplished the following in six short months they:

  1. Got clarity and focus to become more organized in their business
  2. Acquired multiple new clients, locked in big projects and submitted proposals
  3. Created systems to streamline client on-boarding
  4. Got confident with their pricing & sales strategy and process
  5. Hired copywriters, content writers, website designers, and virtual assistants
  6. Formed new collaborations and connected with powerful influencers in their industry
  7. Created new websites with professional photos and copy
  8. Grew their social media presence
  9. Created content that went viral
  10. Launched and filled new online programs

Oh, and did I mention that someone even hit their six-month income goal in only FOUR months!

What could you accomplish if you were part of a business mastermind like this [FIRST NAME GOES HERE]?

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Are you in a mastermind? Tell me what you love about it below!

x Hanneke