10 Minutes To A More Resilient and Strategic You

10 Minutes To A More Resilient and Strategic You

In today’s episode, we’re talking about a quick and easy practice that will help you become more resilient and strategic if done daily.


    Being a business owner is incredibly rewarding, but growing that business and leading your team can be challenging, especially in times of massive change and instability. 

    Overwhelm, stress, and burnout are factors that regularly plague entrepreneurs. And that’s why it’s so essential to establish resiliency routines that support not only your mental health but your physical well-being as well. 

    Mainstream productivity advice and tools offer many suggestions that are not sustainable and can create more stress and further drain your energy. 

    Think about these: you gotta get up at 6 am, run 5 miles, drink 6 cups of green tea, make sure you work like this, and that → I’m exhausted just listening to those folks.

    Everyone has a unique way of operating, and when you implement mainstream productivity tools, it can be detrimental.  

    As an entrepreneur, it is imperative that you understand how to work with your strengths, energy levels, and your unique way of operating in this world. You have to take radical responsibility for how you show up to seize the day, every day.

    This why I have my clients do many personality tests when we start working together. By knowing how they gain their energy, e.g. –the one most of us know:  introverts need lots of alone time vs. extroverts to recharge their batteries by spending time with people, clients can start to take back power and autonomy of their energy.

    Other personality tests like Human Design, or How to Fascinate also help business owners to understand their most effective leadership style, which will help them make the best decisions. When you consider all that information, you can use existing habits and routines to support your mental well-being and your energy levels or create new ones that will help you prevent burnouts. 

    When clients start implementing and integrating this information into their daily life they find that they sleep better, their anxiety goes down, and they are better able to focus.

    And this is what we mean when we say they become more resilient. When you’re rested, grounded, and focused, you can better cope with whatever life throws at you.

    My clients love knowing and implementing this information. They find that it invigorates their business on all levels and turns them into the most-valuable asset and leader of their business.

    Another practice that I help my clients to cultivate when working together that also allows them to become more strategic is to set up a morning routine where they take a few minutes to get into their work-mode zone. By doing this, clients become focused and shift into a solution-orientated frame of mind (which, as you may remember from Episode 89, has now been scientifically proven to be the mindset you need to be more successful.) 

    I’ve dubbed it the Up Level Daily Journal Practice, and you can download it here:

      The practice consists of four easy steps: 

      Step 1: Connect to your vision: focusing on what you want to accomplish. 

      Step 2: Check-in on how committed you are to accomplishing your goal.

      Step 3: Imagine yourself having already accomplished that goal and embody the qualities of your future successful self. How would you act, what would you think, if your goal was already achieved – embody those traits now. 

      Step 4: Checking in with your mindset around your goals. Do you believe that it’s possible to accomplish those goals, if not — what do you need to adjust? As I’ve mentioned with the Up Level Formula  — it’s here where you have to remember that the results we can achieve are an accumulation of our beliefs, thoughts, language, feelings, and actions. To achieve higher results, you have to uplevel everything in that equation. 

      When you take 10 minutes or less every day to implement this practice, it will help you naturally step into a more strategic mindset and waste less time and energy to achieve your goals. 

      And as I mentioned, if you’d like to adopt this daily practice into your routine — you can download a quick PDF with more information below.


      How To Lead with More Confidence Now

      How To Lead with More Confidence Now

      Two things to help you lead with ease

      I’ve had many conversations with clients and business owners over the last few weeks and one thing became very clear. Everyone is experiencing various levels of EXHAUSTION, Overwhelm, with periods of freak-out and we’re all going to be ok in between.

      Right now – everyone is OVERLOADED with information and hardcore business strategies of how to go digital faster, how to get funding, etc. With this information OVERLOAD, all of my clients have expressed how little bandwidth they have at the moment. BECAUSE everyone is strategizing like a champ already! You already have/know of or are applying all the BUSINESS strategies to handle this situation. 


      That something is strategies to help you ground, focus, lead with ease. This falls under the mindset category.

      For this very reason that I will not be delivering any content on social media or here that is more information about things/strategies to DO. Of course, if that’s what YOU need right now – I’m more than happy to hop on a private call with you and brainstorm the living daylights out of ideas with you while helping you to stay in possibility land. 

      It’s my intention to help ground and focus you during this time so you can continue to lead your business and team with ease and confidence.

      How do I know this is needed? Because this is what I’ve been helping every client do right now, and you know what the results have been? 

      They’ve come up with crazy innovative ideas, they’ve been able to take massive action, and execute those plans in record time. Some of them have even gained new clients. 

      So that’s why it’s important that you have these tools in your mindset toolkit too. 

      Today I’m going to share two quick and easy ways to help you tap back into both ease and confidence by asking yourself the following: 

      What do you need right now at this very moment? 

      I’ve personally been doing this every day. Remember that right now – I’m having to hold the space for people who are freaking out and unloading on me EVERY DAY. In order to help and guide them to come up with the very best innovative solutions that will help their business not only survive in the short run but thrive in the long run, I need to show up grounded and calm. 

      And the way to do that is to NURTURE me. 

      Your clients and your team are looking to you to lead them right now, and it will be easier to do that when you feel nurtured and taken care of yourself. 

      Here are ideas from what clients have shared and I have been doing:

      • Take that nap
      • Have a bath
      • Take a walk 
      • Learn to do magic tricks
      • Crochet
      • Have that glass of wine
      • Have the cookie 
      • Cook a wholesome meal

      Nurturing is also going to help you feel safe. Which is so important in this time where your physical well being is at risk. Bringing in rituals that promote safety will reduce your stress levels 

      And when we’re less stressed – we do everything better.

      The other question I’ve been asking myself is and been helping clients with too 

      Who do you want to become throughout the next few months?

      This will be unique to every person. Right now, as the leader of your business, you have the choice to sink or swim. This crisis may highlight leadership qualities that you can strengthen.

      Personally I want to become more resilient, I want to trust harder and deeper than ever before. I want to show up as a beacon of strength for clients, a source of support, kindness, and courage. 

      When you ask yourself this question, it allows you to focus on what you have to do to be that higher wiser version of yourself. It helps you to draw and call up your strengths vs feed into your weaknesses. 

      And when you can step into your highest level of leadership – it lights the way to what needs to be done, and how to get it done. It pulls you into action and forwards motion despite uncertainty. 

      And that’s what your business and your team need more than anything right now. 

      Both of these strategies will promote more ease in a time when ease is needed more than ever before. 

      I’m sending you lots of strength and courage and please know that you are more than welcome to reach out if you need help or support right now. I’m here to help ease this period of stress and overwhelm and build a stronger business than ever before.

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