Two weeks to your best year ever!

Ok, ok, so we did the countdown, had the big party and here we are in the much anticipated 2016. Personally I am super excited! Yes, I know, I know…sometimes the whole thing of a ‘new year a new you’ is such a cliché.


I remember the first time I wrote down all my new year’s resolutions, I had had a bit of a tough year and was feeling lost and lonely. My list contained the usual: everything I wanted to change, everything I wanted to accomplish blah, blah. If memory serves me right I managed to achieve a few items on the list, but I am pretty sure most of my resolutions were already turning to dust by the end of January. That was before I learned the secret formula to achieving goals!

I often hear people say they don’t bother with New Years resolutions anymore – what’s the point? By the end of January you’ll have broken them all in any case.

And yep, I get it, dreaming big or creating new healthy wholesome habits is hard when you don’t use the right resolution planning process coupled with the right mindset!

To achieve your resolutions you’ll need way more than just your average list! That’s why I’ve created my free “Two weeks to your best year ever!

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The challenge starts next week Monday (January 11th, 2016) and it will help you:

– accurately plan your 2016 goals

– organize and create depth to your goals

– gain and sustain the motivation you need to achieve your goals

– help you identify self sabotaging behaviors and overcome them

So whether you wanna loose weight, get a new job or create a whole new you! This challenge will get you there. 

Sign up and be part of the 2 week challenge to make 2016 your best year ever!

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– Daily inspirational emails & quotes

– planning sheets to download

– Tips to create your own dream board to keep you in the right mindset to dream and achieve big.

I want to challenge you to grab your New Year’s resolutions and run with all your dreams, let’s turn them into reality with my Two weeks to your best year ever challenge! 

Sign up and be part of the 2 week challenge to make 2016 your best year ever!

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