The Art Of Taking Breaks

I’m currently in sunny South Africa, taking it slow. Every time before we leave for this extended break (this year we’re here for three weeks) I always have a mini-freakout about taking all this time off. And every year, I’m surprised at just how “productive” this time is. No, I’m not sitting here coaching, writing blogs, or doing much, but the productivity comes from the not doing, and non-business. It comes from creative doodling, ideas are flowing non-stop, and because I’m allowing them to flourish and not act immediately, they keep evolving and getting better. It’s Ah-mazing!

Before I left, I spent quite a bit of time working with my business coach on all my (lofty) goals for 2018. After that, we did a deep dive on how I’d let go of the “guilt” I was feeling for not working 24/7 and the fear I had of missing out (yep, I deal with and practice what I preach every day too!). Allowing myself to create the space to be creative, think, digest, and mentally prepare myself to support all my mastermind, business, executive, and career coaching clients on a higher level in 2018. (Oh, and of course my new VA too! – more on that later.)

I’m determined to bring you the very best coaching services in 2018 and can’t wait to share more with you (I’ve included a few events for you below). BUT in the meanwhile, I did a little Facebook Live video (almost 400 people have already watched it) discussing this topic in more depth and giving some constructive tips to help you create guilt-free downtime and self-care rituals to expand your business in 2018!

This will be my last email until after Xmas, so I’d like to wish you a very happy festive season and thank you again for choosing me as your coach, it truly is such an honor to have you as part of our community.

P.S. Join me for the following:

VIP Hit Your Income Goal in 2018, Jan 20th at 9 am – click here for more information.

Savvy Success Business Masterminds – set your business up for success in 2018, starts mid-February – apply + more info here.

Facebook LIVE:

Pictures from our trip, follow me on Instagram (@hannekeantonelli)  for more updates on our trip!

Time to take it slow in Africa 🎥@antonellivisualmedia

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Getting real about Pilates…

I am so excited about this entry today! My online workouts are finally here, before you run off to check out my new store, I wanted to share a little more about the behind the scenes’ action and drama of bringing these workouts to life.

It’s so easy to think that it’s all fun, games and happens easily, so I wanted to get real with you today and share a little more about the process of bringing these workouts to life. Over the last few years, when I’ve shot new workouts you’ve seen me post beautiful pictures on-set: shots of beautiful South Africa, glam photo shoots, smiling poses and the works. But today we take a look at the other half that intagram and twitter didn’t see and hear

During production frustration of days when:

  • Mother nature’s wind or clouds and the city’s buzzing noises disrupts our perfectly quiet scenes.
  • The times we’d have to schlep to the studio at 8:30pm at night after a long day’s work.
  • When people walk right through your set while you’re filming.
  • Or as the blooper’s video shows: the times when I can’t get my words right and waste a ton of time.

Post Production self-doubt: No matter how hard or good the workouts are, there’s always that little voice inside me that will say:

  • “What if no one likes this?”
  • “What if nobody buys it?”
  • “What if…all the horrible things that can go wrong goes wrong.”

That’s the thing about working for yourself and creating something: it brings up every single insecurity that you never even knew you had. You’ll go through a whirlwind of emotions from excitement, frustration, and anxiety, to overwhelm and amazement, joy and back again –  while your facebook feed captures all the glam shots. While your facebook feed captures all the glam shots.

But here’s the thing – if I let my lack of confidence get the better of me:

  • I wouldn’t have move forward,
  • I’d always wonder “what if I had created ….”.
  • I would never would have learned as much as I have or grown as an individual.
  • And most importantly: I would have robbed everyone who’s ever bought my workouts from living a healthier and more active life.

So, here I am: super excited, wrapped in a little piece of nervous with a splash of insecurity with my 3 new workouts and a Pilates Super Pack just for you. I hope you’ll enjoy them, I hope you’ll use them often get fit. And above all I hope that they’ll inspire you to also create your dreams. 

AND NOW our winner – CONGRATULATIONS: Anna -please email me to claim your prize!! 

Join me for my release party on March 22nd at noon at South Boston Yoga, RSVP here.

With all my love,

A cyber visit with South African Press: Sarie Feature

I am so excited to share this article with you. It is in the November issue of Sarie, a South African and Afrikaans Beauty and Life Style Magazine. In this article I share a little more about my personal life and also tell the South African readers more about our beautiful city, Boston and the culture here. Read along in the translated article below!

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Where do you live and why?

I live in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  When I left South Africa 11 years ago, I first lived and worked in London. It was during a little weekend get away in Portugal that I met my husband, Bob – the American from Boston. I soon asked for a transfer from London to New York City. After a year in the “big apple,” I moved to Boston and in 2010 we got married. Bob is the Managing Director at Kidstock, a children’s theater in Boston. He is also a singer-songwriter with the band Cahill.  They’ve produced 4 CDs of original music and tour colleges in the Northeast. He is also a videographer.

What is your profession and how did you get to doing that?

I started my career in finance as a money broker in London and then New York. The immense pressure and aggressive work environment started to catch up with me and I realized that it was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I wanted to do something that would make a difference in people’s lives. I quit my job and started my journey towards becoming a Pilates Instructor. I also got certified as a Life Coach. Today I combine the two and find a lot of fulfillment in my career. I feel like I am contributing in improving people’s quality of life.

You received an accolade for your work. Tell us a little more about that.

I started my own brand, Pilates with Hanneke, in 2011. In 2013 I received the prestigious 50 On Fire Award from BostInno, naming my brand one of the top 50 most innovative and creative businesses in Boston.

We always see the most delicious dishes on the Food Network but have also read how overweight Americans tend to be. Is this true or is it just our perception?

Yes, Americans love their food. Ready-to-go meals and fast food are available everywhere.  The cost is low and their portions are REALLY big. These factors definitely play a role in the obesity issue here in the States. However I don’t think that there are that many more obese people here than in other places in the world. Boston is a really active, fit and health conscious city, so we don’t see too many cases of obesity here.

What makes Boston Unique?

The architecture is very similar to London, with beautiful brownstone buildings and not too many sky scrapers. The city is situated right next to the ocean with the beautiful Charles River that flows through it. It sometimes reminds me of Cape Town. It is also the home of some of America’s most prestigious universities: Harvard, MIT. The city hosts a very diverse population with people from all over the world. We also have quite a big South African community here.  We even have our own Facebook page called AmaBoston. There’s also the weather.  We have extremely cold winters and equally hot and humid summers. Boston also has great restaurants. On a beautiful day we like to explore the city by bike. Boston is also just a few hours flying away form New York City, Washington and Toronto. I love working and living here.

How do you celebrate Christmas there?

During the Holidays it is very cold here with lots of snow. I have to confess that I have never celebrated Christmas in Boston, since moving here. We usually spend Christmas with my family in South Africa. This year will be my first Christmas in Boston.

Do you still have ties with South Africa?

Yes, my Mom lives in Kleinmond and my brother in Cape Town. We normally go and visit them over the Holidays for 5 weeks. I sometimes miss my country, language and culture. But luckily Bob loves South Africa and my family. When we visit I fill up on everything I miss: my family, the amazing food, braaivleis (bbq lamb) and speaking Afrikaans.

Below: The article as it appears in Sarie:


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