The BIG business mistake EVERYONE makes!

I used to chase all the blueprints and “how-to” strategies in business. Whenever someone was marketing something to the effect of “I built x million-dollar business in (insert ridiculously short timeframe) and now I’ll show you how,” I was all ears with my credit card at the ready. 

And you know what happened: sweet blue NOTHING. 

That’s right. Despite me following all those strategies to a freaking T (I’m an A-aggregate student, and I am consistent AF), I didn’t experience ANY of those magic results these so-called “guru’s” offered. 

Instead, those strategies lead to a burnt-out me and burning my business to the ground.

After a lot of reflection and coaching, I finally figured out why those strategies weren’t working:

We are all unique with unique talents and gifts — simply copying a blueprint strategy won’t yield the results you want because the systems have to be adapted to work in alignment with who you are!

So what are all the components of YOU?

1 – Your strengths

2 – Your perspective/how you see or think about business

3 – Your leadership traits 

4 – Your unique way of working that fuels you vs. depletes you

To identify the best and most effective strategy, you first have to take that strategy and adapt it according to all four factors mentioned above. (and yes — I help you identify and hone all of the above in The Up Level Program.) 

The result: you’ll become more strategic and business savvy.

Once I realized this, my business soared. I finally started working less and earned so much more, and I could travel for extensive periods whenever I wanted. 

And of course, I was able to help my clients do the same; here’s what one of them said after they implemented the strategies I teach in the Up Level Program:

Hanneke has completely transformed my business and, more importantly, myself. She’s helped me make so much money, and I realized my goal of taking Fridays off. I highly recommend working with her!  ~ Founder and Owner of Leeward Counseling. 

Are you ready to supercharge your business strategies and results?

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