The importance (& pitfalls) of verbal processing.

We all love a good verbal processing session because:

  • It can organize and clarify our thoughts,
  • It helps us feel supported, 
  • It’s centering and grounding,  
  • It helps flesh out and spark new ideas, 
  • It can highlight the best course of action,

It can help shift us from frustration, anger, and resentment to feeling confident, satisfied, and calm.

In short: 

Having a space to release your conscious stream of thought is extremely important for any business owner. 

So, what are the pitfalls? 

To get all these benefits, you need a judgement-free zone, a place where someone can hold the space for you to work through it, where the listening participant has your back, understands your goals, and isn’t swayed or triggered by their own objectives and agendas. 

Not all verbal processing spaces are created equally.

That’s why you have to avoid the following pitfalls (and you can watch a quick video that I did about this yesterday, here.–>

  • Verbally processing with an employee → particularly dangerous if you have to vent about a business challenge that’s not in the employee’s job scope or about another member of staff. You run the risk of losing your employees trust and their confidence in your ability to create a stable work environment. 
  • Talking to friends or family about business ideas → your friends and family may not have an entrepreneurial mindset, and even if they do – they’re too close to you to give you objective feedback. Instead, you run the risk of getting advice or feedback that comes from their own fears/limiting beliefs around taking risks. 

What happens when you verbally process in an unsafe/judgmental environment?

You can get more frustrated, confused, manipulated into doing something that’s not in alignment with your bigger business strategy or life goals. 

So, my question to you is this: do you have a safe space where you get to verbally process? What do you love about it, what benefits have you experienced from it?

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