The myth of work-life-balance

Ever felt like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get that work-life-balance thing down!? Well, the reason for that is that it’s all a big fat myth. Or I should say, it’s a myth because you may be approaching the whole thing in a way that’s setting you up to fail and feel bad all.the.time…

If you’re hoping to be happier, and more fulfilled in your business and life in 2019, today’s episode is just for you!

In this The Savvy Business Show interview with TedEx Speaker, author, and life coach, Maria Vazquez, helps you solve the mystery of work-life-balance once and for all. Maria and I share some key points to live a happier and more fulfilled life, without work-life-balance!

About Maria:

Maria is a speaker, author, empowerment coach and founder of Maria Milagros, a company dedicated to helping others find freedom from any hindrances that are preventing them from living a life that they love. Whether sharing her life experiences and knowledge through talks, workshops, leadership training, coaching, or videos she uses encouragement and education to empower others to live amazing lives and to leave a positive impact on the world. She has been the keynote speaker at several area events and celebrations, including the Outstanding Women in Business Awards Luncheon (Worcester Business Journal), the LUK Youth Empowerment Summit, You Inc.’s Recognition Night, and the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Meeting. She has led leadership and empowerment workshops for the Worcester Women in Leadership Conference, the North Central Chamber of Commerce, the United Way YouthVenture Kick-off, and local high schools and colleges, to name a few. Maria delivered a powerful story at TedxNatick where she shared a personal story that reminds others to find the good in every situation. Her book Super Sparkly Everything is an inside view into her ‘not so sparkly’ past and the techniques she used to take her life from struggle to sparkle, and it has been nominated for the 2018 Top Female Author of the Year award through The Author’s Show. Maria knows that she is not an exception to the rule and that if she can turn her life around than so can you. She’s the mother of an amazing daughter, hosts a quarterly storytelling event, teaches weekly fitness classes and volunteers to teach an after school dance program at an area school. Called a curator of hope and love, she aims to leave others feeling more connected, capable, and ready to take on their lives. To learn more about her and her services check out

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