The New Uplevel Project Podcast

Welcome to The New Up Level Project Podcast formerly known as The Savvy Business Show. 

Today we are going to dive in to my business model and why we are moving to a rebrand, my new book (coming in Spring of 2021), and how I developed The Uplevel Formula-which is my #1 tool I use to help people.

– Changing limiting beliefs or blocks that are keeping them to reach their full potential

– Launch new businesses and revenue streams

– Take their company from 0 – $ 500 000 in 2 years 

Come find out more on The New Uplevel Project Podcast

Before I dive into what the new show will hold for you…

So about a year ago, I decided that I was going to do something that I never thought I’d be able to do: and that was writing a book. — for the record, it’s something that I never thought I’d be able to do — but by using the very strategies I share in my book, I was able to sit down and effortlessly write the first draft of the book in 90 days. 

And We’re currently putting the finishing touches on the book, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

As you can imagine writing a book against the backdrop of the year that has been 2020 has been an extraordinary experience, and yet the more I wrote, the more it became clear that the strategies I share in the book are needed more than ever NOW. Waiting for the book to come out next year – wasn’t going to cut it, and that’s why we launched the Up Level Program — the 6-week companion course to the book and why we’re also here today, launching the new PODCAST: The Up Level Project Podcast.

This podcast aims to give you tangible takeaways and strategies that you can implement to help you shift your perspective, overcome challenges, uplevel your leadership skills, and create more freedom and profits in the process.

Are stories, experiences, and core beliefs from our past. 

In the coming episodes, 

We’ll dive deeper into the principles that I share in my book that will be released in Spring 2021, and we’ll also interview special guests to further help you uplevel your profits and leadership skills.

we’ll explore my Up Level formula ( an equation that originates from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.)→  my number one tool for that is The UP LEVEL FORMULA  — which is my #1 tool I use to help people

– Launch new businesses and revenue streams
– Take their company from 0 – $ 500 000 in 2 years 

  • Have their best revenue year in 2020
  • Secure 6-figure and up investments

This formula that helped me to overcome depression and build two award-winning businesses in under five years (and write the first draft of my book in under 90 days.)  in more depth will help you cultivate more introspection, 

Growing a successful business that will give you both financial freedom and fulfillment means that you have to: 

Assess the quality of your commitment to your goals often.

Gain clarity on your vision.

You have to build awareness about your beliefs, thoughts, language, feelings, and behaviors and uplevel and adjust them to align with your vision.

Hone your leadership and managerial skills

Focus on business development, And always strive to do better than you did yesterday. 

This is our mission and quest that we’re setting out to achieve in the Up Level Project Podcast episodes.

The Uplevel Project

Do you want to expand despite the world around you contracting?

Do you want to step into your highest level of leadership even though you’re so freaking tired?

Do you want to innovate in the face of an uncertain future? 

If the answer is yes, then all you have to do is choose to show up, think, and act differently every day.

But how does one do this? 

It takes commitment, it takes awareness and it takes you implementing certain strategies every day. 

And in the Up Level Project, I’ll share the step-by-step and tailored to your specific needs process with you.

Unlock your full potential and create the freedom and abundance you desire for yourself and others, with joy and ease. Enrollment and early bird opens in early January.

Click here to learn more about the course and get on the waitlist!