The Savviness Report: Savvy Self-Care

The’s no arguing that running a successful business, requires you to be a savvy business owner and CEO!

When I work with my clients and Savvy Business Mastermind members on transforming them to savvy business owners and CEO, the word savvy takes on a bigger meaning. It means being shrewd and smart in all areas of life. It means showing up as your best self every single day, not overdoing, working smarter and not harder to build a business that supports you.

Showing up at this level means that you have to devote time to self-care practices. (And I don’t mean spa-ing it up every week – although if that’s what gets you to show up as your most powerful self – then you go, girl! You do you.)

The first objection new clients have to this notion is: “um – I’m already strapped for time here!? How in the heck do you want me to fit anything else in!?”

And to help you:

I asked some of our Savvy Business Mastermind Members to spill the beans on how they prioritize self-care (and still have time to get everything else in their busy lives and businesses done!)


The Savviness Report

“For me it’s Meditation: I remind myself that I’m worth 10 minutes out of 1440 minutes each day. I meditate in bed before reaching for my phone or even putting my feet on the floor. During this time, I set my intentions for the day and use 3 affirmations that are meaningful to me at that time (my affirmations change depending on what’s happening in life at that time). I also budget for at least one monthly self-care splurge—massage, float therapy, acupuncture, etc.”  Haley Elise Stewart, CEO & Owner of Tranquility by HeHe – Concierge Doula + Birthing Service

The Savviness Report“AIRPLANE MODE IS YOUR FRIEND. Before I go into Airplane Mode, I: 1) check “urgent” emails and tell others I’ll get back to them soon (so that I’m not worrying about them while I’m unplugged); 2) message anyone who I anticipate will need my attention and tell them specifically that I’m unplugging for a bit (honestly, 2 hours in this mode feels AMAZING; I try to do it for most of the day Sunday but that’s trickier). Here’s my how and why: As a writer, I feel constant pressure to produce creative content. This generates two problems: 1) when I’m anxious, what I produce isn’t coming from the heart but informed by the stress, overwhelm, and frenzy of social media; 2) it creates the illusion that I’m the only one who can produce the “the next big thing” (#ego). When I make time: 1) there’s space for creative thoughts to float, morph, and take shape; 2) I can actually do deep dives into OTHER PEOPLE’S creative work (not just reading their posts but visiting their exhibits or reading their work etc.); 3) I feel inspired, refreshed, and bring new ideas to the table (and have gained perspective around my own work) “Julia Djeke, CEO and Founder of Julia Djeke (Copy & Content Creation)

The Savvy Report

My non-negotiable every day is meditation. Why? Because meditation is the number one self care tool that’s been around for thousands of years. By pausing and centering yourself, you are in charge of your day rather than being in a reactionary state.

Alex Bynum, CEO & Founder of EmpowHerYou, Healing and Meditation


No matter what is happening in my life, I always prioritize my sleep. This is a non-negotiable. Even if work is really busy, I always make sure I get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. I do the best work for my clients and I can show up fully each day when I’m well rested.

Janet Mesh, CEO and Co-Founder of Aimtal – a digital marketing company



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