The Scientifically Proven Mindset Behind Success

An article that was published earlier this year on reads:

“To succeed in modern life, people need to accomplish challenging tasks effectively. Many successful entrepreneurs, business people, students, athletes, and more, tend to be more strategic — and hence, more effective — than others at meeting such challenges.

A new study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that one crucial psychological factor behind their success may be a “strategic mindset.”

On today’s episode, we dive deeper into what the article highlights that will help you cultivate a strategic mindset. I’ll give you an easy formula that will help you step into that strategic mindset faster. 


According to this article published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the good news is that people can implement the findings that a strategic mindset leads to more success in their lives immediately.

In the article, Professor Patricia Chen advised, “As you approach whatever challenging goal you are pursuing, you can ask yourself, ‘What are things I can do to help myself (and others)? Is there a way to do this even better?’ If something you have been working on isn’t going so well, can you step back and ask yourself, ‘How might I go about this differently? Is there another approach I can try to help this go better?'”

I’ve seen this attitude create excellent results in working with many 6 and 7-figure business owners. However, in my experience, I have found that something has to happen before entrepreneurs can step into that strategic ACTION part that these questions pose.

In addition, Co-author Professor Carol Dweck from the Department of Psychology at Stanford University explained, “There are key points in any challenging pursuit that require people to step back and come up with new strategies. A strategic mindset helps them do just that.” You have to step back and then ask those questions. Something important has to happen in that stepping back.

So, what has to happen in that stepping back? 

I call this the secret sauce — the groundwork that will determine how successfully you can see the solutions that those questions are designed to help you see.

To get out of a state of overwhelm or panic and lay that foundation for a strategic mindset — business owners must have a basic understanding of how the mind works and how that influences their actions. 

To understand behavioral patterns, we can, of course, look to the world of cognitive-behavioral therapy (some call it the ABC model.)  There are many articles about this model online.

Here’s a quick summary of the CBT model, according to the Beck Institute:

“Cognitive behavior therapy is based on a cognitive theory of psychopathology. The cognitive model describes how people’s perceptions of or spontaneous thoughts about situations influence their emotional, behavioral (and often physiological) reactions. Individuals’ perceptions are often distorted and dysfunctional when they are distressed. They can learn to identify and evaluate their “automatic thoughts” (spontaneously occurring verbal or imaginal cognition) and to correct their thinking so that it more closely resembles reality. When they do so, their distress usually decreases, they are able to behave more functionally, and (especially in anxiety cases), their physiological arousal abates.”

So, in short: something happens — and your thoughts/beliefs around this will determine your actions, leading to specific results. 

I first learned about this in a book by Jack Pranksy — Somebody Should Have Told Us — and this knowledge saved my life. And over the years, I started adapting this model to specifically help entrepreneurs build a more strategic mindset.  

Over the years, I deduced it to a quick formula, which I dubbed the UP LEVEL FORMULA — and in my forthcoming book The Up Level Project — I dive super deep into the science behind this formula and how it can help get better results. 

This formula (along with the other tools of The Up Level program)  has helped my Up Level Program clients land huge contracts and develop new revenue streams. I love this tool as its something fast and easy to implement to achieve anything you want.

The Up Level Formula works as follows: 

Beliefs + Thoughts + Language + Feelings + Actions = Results

To get different results, you have to upgrade or change one or all of the things in this formula.

Bringing that back to the strategic mindset questions: if you believe that it’s impossible to achieve something, or it’s too late to resolve that problem, then you’re going to have thoughts that line up with that belief, you’re going to use language that suggests that you have that belief, 

For instance, you may say things like “it’s never going to work, it’s too late.”

These specific thoughts will then give you feelings of angst and fear (which will kick up more panicky thoughts), and all of this will then influence your actions. 

You don’t want to take action/half-hearted effort — that will influence your results. 

When you implement the Up Level Formula: Beliefs + Thoughts + Language + Feelings + Actions = Results

You’ll be able to step into that strategic mindset faster and give innovative solution answers to those strategic mindset questions that the article poses.

So let’s recap what you now know: 

1 – Science has proven that a strategic mindset is needed to achieve success

2 – You can cultivate that mindset by asking yourself specific questions

3 – To supercharge your results and strategic perspective, you can implement the Up Level Formula: Beliefs + Thoughts + Language + Feelings + Actions = Results

If you want to dive deeper into this work or work with me — be sure to listen to the outro. Thank you so much for listening, and we’ll catch up next time on The Up Level Project Podcast.

Fact Check

In doing some fact checks and further research into both CBT and specifically the work of Dr. Jack Pransky — I discovered that there is a slight (yet significant difference) 

Dr. Pranky is a Three Principles Author, Trainer, and Practitioner — The three principles refer to Universal Mind, Consciousness, and Thought– and how these three principles work together to create everyone’s unique “reality,” out of which they then think, feel and act.

And CBT’s approach differs from this in that they believe that the outside event is neutral and that you can change your experience/feelings and behavior around that neutral event by changing your thoughts about it. 

So, the way I interpret it, in short, is that The Three Principles believe that you create your reality by cultivating awareness through Universal Mind, Consciousness, and Thought — which is more in line with the principles of The Up Level Formula where I operate on the basis that you can create the results you want by cultivating awareness and adjusting your beliefs, thoughts, language, feelings and actions.

And the CBT only focuses on the idea that you can change your experience of the activating event but not reality itself. 

Like I said, a very slight difference, but I did want to ensure I provide you with the correct facts and insight into where my work and the research behind it comes from.

Thanks again for listening. 

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