The simple word that changed my life.

A couple of weeks ago I received and email with the headline:’The simple word that changed my life’ and just like you I couldn’t wait to open it. I mean what one word could have such a dramatic impact on someone’s life?

That little word was: “No”. I smiled as I read the rest of the email, because it’s content was so similar to a previous blog I had written: “Heads or Tails?”.

You see we so often say yes to everything in fear of missing out on something and then we either end up stressing ourselves out, letting others down or just not producing high quality results. Ironically that’s also exactly where I found myself a few short weeks ago. Between my weekly newsletter, planning the launch of my first online program (more details here.), my Soul Success Mastermind, pitching my Maternity Coaching package to businesses, Pilates with Purpose and serving my one-on-one clients, things started to feel just a little too crazy.

I had to be brutally honest with myself and say the big “NO” to the following:
No extra hours at Equinox. From now on you’ll only catch me there Thursdays & Fridays.
No to weekly blogs. Starting in September you’ll only hear form me every other week so I can keep giving you high quality tips that you can implement to create the career & life you desire.

Was this easy? No (in fact I’m cringing as I’m typing this). But I do know that this is what I have to do in order to serve you at an even higher level and also to achieve my own personal career and life desires.

Let’s tweet it: To find your true balance, you have to evaluate & adjust constantly, and say no to what doesn’t serve you.

So now I’d love to challenge you: What are those extra things you have on your plate that’s keeping you from performing at optimum level or achieving your career & life objectives? Tell me about them below!

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