The Up Level Accelerator:

Create lasting habits, more freedom & Higher profits 

A 21-day course and community for high-achievers who have big ambitions and want to set themselves up for success in 2022! Break through your money, business, and leadership blocks. Shift into a strategic mindset and step into next-level growth with more ease. 


Enrollment Ends Jan 4th, 2022.
BONUS: Receive a complimentary copy of The Up Level Project Workbook with journal prompts that will help you integrate and implement the success principles.

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Program kicks off Jan 10th, 2022!

As a high-level achiever you already know that: 

success is 20% strategy and 80% mindset.

and yet, mindset work always falls at the wayside because of your every-growing to-do list, or you don't have a bullet-proof process to shift your perspective fast. 

What would be possible if you could focus, on and breakthrough Those:  

- hidden mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck and running in circles?
- pesky thoughts that are triggering you and dragging you back into a dark spiral of fear, doubt, and scarcity?

To achieve the results you desire, you have to change your actions...

...And changing your actions starts with adjusting your thoughts, beliefs, language, and how you feel on a daily basis.

The Up Level Accelerator will provide you with the structure (backed by science,) accountability, and community that will help you become more strategic and resilient to achieve success in 2022!

Join our supportive community and:

  • Get practical tools, strategies, and accountability to overcome pesky mindset blocks that are costing you lots of money and sleepless nights per year.
  • Daily journaling prompts and exercises that will help you rewire your brain for success, and keep you focused, give clarity about your goals, and eliminate limiting beliefs. 
  • Uncover your bullet-proof success-mindset that will unlock higher profits and freedom (and a huge sigh of relief!)

Enroll Now And Receive the Support & Accountability That Will Transform You to Achieve Anything You Want in 2022:

Program kicks off Jan 10th, 2022!

ADDED BONUS: Sign up today, and get access to the exclusive CEO Year In Review PDF, with integration exercises that will uncover hidden insights and action steps for success. 


  • How confident you'll become when you identify and breakthrough those hidden fears and mindset blocks that are keeping you stuck and frustrated, unable to achieve your deepest business desires?
  •  The relief and support you'll feel when you have a community at the ready to quickly get out of a doubt and fear spiral about business-related issues?
  • How much more bandwidth you'll have if you have a daily mindset practice, process, and other supportive tools to move past fear and blocks quickly?

Stop Imagining, Start Shifting & Achieving:

join the Up Level ACCELERATOR community where high-level achievers, like yourself, come together to focus on one thing:

transforming their mindset to attain freedom and higher profits in 2022.

What you'll get when you enroll:

  • The Up Level Project Workbook - this will provide you with 21 days of structure and journaling prompts to overcome mental blocks and shift into a strategic, resilient and success frame of mind. (VALUE $29.00)
  • Four Community Mindset Q&A Coaching Calls (Replays Available:) Hanneke will guide you through practical exercises to create lasting change & you'll get to share your wins and ask questions. (VALUE $400)
  • Access to our private members-only Facebook group to keep you on track, share, ask questions, and celebrate mindset wins, and receive support. (VALUE PRICELESS)
  • A daily text to keep you motivated and accountable. (VALUE $99.00)

Total Value $528

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Join The Up Level Accelerator, a 21-day journaling community with the framework that will help you  shift into your most dynamic (and lasting) success-mindset.

Born in South Africa, Hanneke Antonelli is an author and award-winning certified life coach with 16 years of experience growing businesses in various industries. She has personally built two award-winning businesses in the last 10 years. She transitioned from her sales job on Wall Street where she sold billion dollar deals to follow her dream of building her own flexible business. Now based in Boston, Mass., Hanneke draws on her business degree, Wall Street sales experience, and her decade as an entrepreneur to help business owners upgrade their leadership skills. With her help, they are able to focus on the path to sustainable growth that will reap higher profits and more freedom