Where entrepreneurs transcend into their next level of innovation and personal expansion, with joy and ease.
  • Transform your mindset.
  • Unlock your authentic and most powerful leadership + innovation code.
  • Up level your capacity to earn more + have a significant impact in the world.

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    Female Millennial Entrepreneurs

    Hanneke is like your business fairy godmother, knowing exactly how to help you figure out what you want/need in your business and how to get it (usually much faster than you ever hoped!" ~ Female Millennial Entrepreneurs Group  

    Harness your most influencial and innovative self and unlock your full potential for innovation and wealth creation.

    The world needs  more leaders like yourself, and more wealth in the hands of conscious people who will spread it across all nations, racial and ethnic lines, while creating diversity, equity, and equality for all, simultaneously healing economies across the globe.

    You hold the power to create the change that’s needed.

    Are you ready to unlock that power?

    Unlock your full potential to create freedom and abundance, with joy and ease in the UP LEVEL PROJECT:


    Learn the process that will help you get clear on what you want, what your business needs PLUS the steps to attain those goals. 


    Discover the Up Level Formula, that will transform your mindset. Stop worrying, get unstuck, and regain your faith and confidence.


    Get to know yourself and your unique style of leadership. Align your values and vision to create and attain the impact and influence you desire.


    Learn how to earn more, working less, while experiencing more joy. Cultivate awareness and break profit-harming habits. Discover your easiest path to innovation.


    Experience less resistance and more flow, increase your productivity, while decreasing your to-do list!

    Unlocking your authentic and most powerful potential means that you have to up level how you think and act on a daily basis. The Up Level Project will help you cultivate this lifestyle.

    Hanneke is an award-winning and certified coach with over 15 years of international business experience. She has personally built two award-winning businesses in the last ten years.

    She transitioned from her sales job on Wall Street, where she negotiated billion-dollar deals, to her dream of building her own flexible business that would allow her the freedom to visit her parents in South Africa whenever she wanted.

    Hanneke couples her business degree with her Wall Street sales experience, as well as her decade in entrepreneurship and coaching certification to help business owners build sustainable and profitable companies. With her help clients transcend into their next level of innovation and leadership with joy and ease.


    What is The Up Level Project: 

    A 6-week program with live co-creative group calls, lead by Hanneke, that helps entrepreneurs transcend into their next level of innovation and personal expansion, with joy and ease. 

    • Week 1: Supercharge your potential to create and achieve your next-level life
    • Week 2: The Clarity And Vision Process
    • Week 3: The Up Level Formula For Lasting Transformation, Overcome All Blocks.
    • Week 4: Unlock Your Authentic Leadership Code
    • Week 5: The Innovation & Profit Accelerator
    • Week 6: Access Your Next-Level Lifestyle

    Calls will be held every Tuesday at 12 - 1:30 PM, starting August 4th - September ​8th, all calls will be recorded and replays will be available in the members portal. And you can ask as many questions as you want in the Facebook group. You'll have lifetime access to the private portal.

    BONUS 1: Free access to the Facebook group for more accountability and support between calls.

    BONUS 2: Access to my book The Up Level Project: The ultimate guide for business owners to unlock their full profit potential, with joy and ease.

    Who is the Up Level Project for: 

    This is the perfect program for you if you want to:

    • Be that person who everyone looks to and says: HOW THE HECK DID THEY PULL THAT OFF?
    • Step into possibility vs scarcity mode
    • Get refocused, re-energized and keep going
    • Get or stay inspired and motivated to take massive fearless action
    • Gain clarity, direction and access to your most innovative power
    • Regain your trust in yourself and your business
    • Do less and achieve more

    Join the waitlist today and be the first to know when enrollment opens again:

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      What People Are Saying

      Hayley Denker, CEO + Founder of Hayley Denker Marketing

      “The experience was truly transformative. Wow wow wow. I was so inspired and impressed. It was everything I hoped it would be. THANK YOU, Hanneke. I'm still on cloud 9. ”

      Courtney Culnane, Founder and Owner of Leeward Counseling

      ““Hanneke has completely transformed my business and more importantly myself. She’s helped me make so much money - highly recommend!”

      Rachel Redmond, Founder of The Yin Way

      “The biggest result I experienced from working with Hanneke was FINALLY launching my very first online course! I nearly sold out the course and I'm receiving amazing feedback about how it's going.” 

      Julie Wilson, CEO of The Institute for the Future of Learning + TEXSpeaker

      “If you are ready to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend Hanneke, she will hold you to your vision and provide the signposts, guidance, and support to get there."

      Janice Carte, CEO & Founder of Tiny Chef Spoon

      “Hanneke has helped me tap into so much confidence and direction that I didn't know I had... the growth has just come out of me! ”

      Brian Milauskas, CEO & Founder of Kidstock Theatre

      “I am indebted to you for pushing me, understanding me, contradicting me, supporting me, laughing with me and not accepting any BS from me. I not only hit but exceeded my revenue goal! I am so excited for what's next. "