This is why it was the Best Superbowl commercial ever!


I don’t know about you, but I thought the Always #LikeAGirl Superbowl add was great.  It got quite a bit of criticism yesterday, but I still love it. It’s meant to empower young girls and raise the question:
“When did doing something “like a girl” become an insult?”
I don’t personally take offense when someone says: “don’t be such a girl”, cause you know what? I am a girl and so what?!
I grew up with two brothers who were 4 and 7 years older than I am, it’s needless to say that I was most definitely an odd little addition to our family. We would play cops and robbers, have sword fights like they do in Star Wars, and the closest we ever really came to a girl game was when my barbies were enrolled in the army!? (Yup, that really happened! LOL) My brothers didn’t really know what hit them when I came along. I was this little girl that wasn’t quite as tough as them, and they couldn’t play rough with me.
To top it off I also:
Ran like a girl,
Threw like a girl,
And did everything else like a girl. (You may think that I would have developed some tom boy tendencies due to my brother’s influence, but this picture will show you otherwise.


I was as girly girl as you can get! (I still am.)
To make things even more of a nightmare for my brothers, I also cried easily. My brother Philip would always grab me, give me a big hug (mostly because he didn’t want me running to my mom and get him in trouble!) and say: “be a big girl, and don’t cry.”
Little did he know he was preparing his sister for the big world – to become a strong confident woman who would move to London all by herself, and work in one of the toughest industries for women: Wall Street. Later she would move to NY and Boston to follow her passion, love and dreams.
When I look back I know that I’ve been lucky to have a loving father, 2 supporting brothers and now a loving companion and partner who’s also my best friend.
Here’s what the men in my life have taught me about us ladies:
1) We don’t have to act like boys,
2) We don’t need to be anything else than just a girl.
3) We don’t have to change anything about ourselves to be popular, successful, powerful and great leaders.
All we need to do is be completely and truly our authentic girl selves, surround ourselves with men and women who support and appreciate the value we bring to the world. Know a friend that needs a little support right now? Share this post with her now! What’s your favorite empowering moment from when you grew up? Leave your comments below.