Three mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to gaining clarity and how to overcome them

On today’s episode, we’ll explore the three mistakes entrepreneurs make regarding gaining clarity and how to correct them. We’ll also look at why clarity is so important and why it seems to be so elusive. You’ll also leave with three clear strategies that you can implement straightaway to help you gain clarity in any situation.

When it comes to business, clarity is super important. That’s why it’s the very first section in my book The Up Level Project: Your guide to unlocking higher profits while creating more freedom, and it’s also one of the first modules we cover in The Up Level Program — my 6-week course that’s the companion to my book and this podcast.

Why is it so important: because Clarity lights up the way to success. But not just the general way to that goal.

When you have clarity about your vision, how you work best, and your top leadership qualities, then that clarity lights up your UNIQUE path to reaching your full potential (and yes, that means higher profits and freedom) 

But clarity seems to be one of the biggest struggles for humans in general. And it’s no different for business owners. Clarity can be elusive. 

In my work with dozens of multiple 6 – 7 figure business owners, I’ve identified THREE big mistakes that prevent clarity from shining through: 

1. People are looking for clarity in the wrong place
Meaning: when people think about getting clear, they usually start looking at the steps to achieve a goal. But when we do this — our brains immediately begin to see all the problems and potential things that may go wrong and why a plan won’t work.

These thoughts kick up more fear and other emotions that further blurs our road to success. 

To get the action plan that will lead you to your vision, you have to focus on WHAT YOU WANT.

What is your vision? The more you can stay in vision mode, the easier it will become for your brain to ID HOW to get there.

In the previous round of the UP LEVEL PROGRAM, this was a huge realization for my 7-figure business owners. When we focus on WHAT the how to get there naturally lights up for us.

Which brings us to our second mistake entrepreneurs make when it comes to gaining clarity:

2. Jumping into action too fast
Most of the multiple 6-7 figure entrepreneurs I work with are high achievers; they are extremely driven and impatient. They want results fast. Of course, this behavior is the very quality that helped them grow their business to multiple 6 and 7 figures.

BUT it’s also the same quality that will make it impossible to get to the next level without expending massive amounts of energy.
Stuck in the weeds and spinning one’s wheels but getting no-where.

For entrepreneurs to gain clarity on their vision and see the path to make that vision a reality, while getting inspired and energized to take action with ease vs. action that drains you; business owners have to learn to sit in inaction a little longer, focusing longer on what they want and why they want it. 

When working with mastermind clients and Up Level Program clients on this, we do a lot of work around rewiring old beliefs that doing nothing is somehow lazy or the belief that you’ll somehow fall behind by slowing down. 

3. Fear of getting it wrong

Lots of people have trouble figuring out what they want aka gaining clarity because they’re scared that they’ll somehow get it wrong.

This mentality shows us that there is a lack of trust on the business owner’s behalf. I help my clients to work on their faith muscle a little more…

This is exactly what we’ll get into in our next episode, so be sure to tune back in next week!

For now — remember that there is no getting something wrong, there is only getting it, learning from it, and then upleveling with new wisdom. You only fail when you decide to not get up and try again.

Ok, here are your three takeaways that will help you to avoid making those pesky mistakes when it comes to getting crystal clear on what you want:

1 – Focus on what you want vs how you’ll get there 

2 – Focus on your vision and stay in inaction until you feel inspired to take action

3 – There is no getting it wrong, there’s only learning and choosing to uplevel from where you’re at

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