Turn what you have into enough, without loosing your drive.

Today we’ll expand a little more on last week’s blog. You may still be asking the following: “So when is it ever really enough? I mean, come on, I’m just a really driven person right? And that’s why I keep striving for more.”

Yes, I get it. I am an extremely driven person, too, so I understand what it’s like to struggle to strike a balance between ambition and fulfillment.


I think we can all agree that society doesn’t really help us to curb our hunger for more. Everywhere we look ads and people are telling us and selling us on the idea of better, faster, and shinier. No wonder we get starstruck and caught up in the race to achieve more. The catch is that no matter how rich, popular, beautiful, or successful you are, there will always be a next level beyond where you are now.


Yes, sorry to burst your bubble. I know you’re probably saying to yourself: “Great! How very depressing! What’s the point of even trying then?”


Well, there’s one little word that will help you to turn what you have into enough. It will motivate you to strive for your dreams and achieve even more than you could ever imagine. That little word is:





And this word leads us to today’s TWEET-IT right now: “Gratitude turns what we have into enough”


So how do you keep it real and be grateful?
1) Look back at what you have accomplished.
2) Write down three great things that happened in your day. (Do this one daily.)
3) When you start to feel the sensation of needing more, be kind to yourself and be patient. Know that you’ll get there eventually, but what you have right now is really not that bad.


When I get caught up in wanting more and feeling unsatisfied, my Mom always says, “Stop looking at those who have more than you have, and look at those who have less.” She is so right. When you do this, you realize how lucky you are and how much you have to be thankful for.


I also find when you look back on what you have accomplished rather than fixate on the goals ahead, you realize how awesome what you have already is. It also makes you excited for what is still to come, because if what you have now is already fantastic, imagine how fabulous what you want to achieve is going to be.

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