Two tips to success

I recently took part in a little triathlon. Not the one you’re thinking of though. This one involved a 5k run, yoga and then a couple of refreshments at a local bar in Charlestown.

Truth be told: I haven’t been running or gone to a yoga class in forever. Needless to say I was just a little skeptical about whether I’d be able to finish this thing.

The day of the run was rather hot and running up Bunker Hill was tough. There were a couple of times I seriously considered walking, doubting that I’d be able to run all the way back to the monument.

Two things kept me going and helped me to finish strong: Meghan, the instructor who wouldn’t leave my side, and the other ladies who were really good runners. They were all very supportive and inspired me to keep going!
After the run, I had an epiphany. In my heart I knew I could run 5k, I’m a fitness instructor for heaven’s sake!? In my head, however, doubt was the culprit that wanted me to quit.

Your two tips to success: 

1) Surround yourself with positive and supportive people who champion you!

2) Believe your heart and tell your negative thoughts to beat it!

We seem to forget these two vital tips in all aspects of our life:  We tend to listen to everyone and their mother who has a negative opinion and let them set the boundaries of what we’re able to achieve. In our heart we know our true strength and capabilities but our head will come up with all sorts of lies to make us doubt ourselves. We often give up just as we’re about to succeed because of these myths and other people’s BS negative views.

Moral of the story: when the going gets tough, keep going – you’re most likely right at the brink of a huge success and the universe is just testing to see how badly you want it. Keep those who inspire and support you close, they’ll help you succeed when you’re feeling weak.

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Harriet Beecher Stowe says it best: “Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” 


Tip: to keep you motivated – celebrate all the little milestones just like I did below with a glass of vino, trip to the spa and weekend by the pool! You can never celebrate life’s victories enough!

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