Five Keys to Unlock Your Profitable Business

Unlock your profitable Business: Last week I did a super fun interview with Kit Pang, the owner of Boston Speaks. In the interview, I revealed the five keys all entrepreneurs (and especially my boss ladies) need to unlock a profitable business. Almost 600 people watched this interview on Facebook, and I was overwhelmed by all the positive comments on how helpful it was.

In this interview you’ll receive the five keys to unlock your profitable business:
  1. How to rock your confidence and own your results and value
  2. Charge what your services are REALLY worth – this is something that comes up at various levels in business – and a big reason why I created my Next Level Business Retreat
    • FACT: I see way too many women bartering or working for free and asking other women to work for free. And I also see a lot of prices comparing with others.
    • FACT: If we want to get paid the same as men and be treated the same  – then that means we have to step up and claim our own worth.
  3. How to stay in your lane: Stop comparing yourself to others, stop competing on price with others
  4. Why investing mega $  is an important part of unlocking your profitable business
  5. Why surrounding yourself with savvy CEO’s who see your value and can help you step into your full power.

Now I’d love to know what was your biggest AHA or favorite part of this video!? Tell me in the comments below! And feel free to ask any questions you have!
Thank you to Kit Pang from Boston Speaks for featuring me!