Unsolicited Business Advice: How to handle it!

In today’s episode, I’ll break down the process on how to handle unsolicited advice!

So if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me do a little #realtalk rant about today’s topic a couple of weeks ago. 

Before I dive deep into today’s topic on unsolicited business advice: please note that I don’t like gossip or talking badly about others’ businesses. It is the quickest way to break trust with others and I have never subscribed to the mean girls club and I would encourage you to always be mindful of what you say about other people to clients or people you don’t know etc. So the example I’m about to share is being shared as a learning experience for us all and not as a dissing fest. Is that even a word? But you know what I mean 🙂

So last week I’m minding my biz on Instagram when I receive a message from someone whom I don’t know who says they want to connect because they love meeting new people and listen how this lady completely crossed the line. Hop on over and listen to this episode of unsolicited business advice now!

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