Podcast 004: Up-leveling in your business

Up-leveling YOUR business

Things in my business may look very rosy from the outside. But to be honest – for most of this year, I’ve been feeling way uncomfortable. You see I’ve been in an up-leveling spurt. Up-leveling in business means breaking through to the next level. And that my friends, come with a lot of growth (emotional and business growth that is) – while feeling super uncomfortable, constantly fighting the urge to just pack it in and go do something different, or hide in a little ball and stay small. But as a coach I’m committed to becoming the best version of me, to build a hugely successful business, so I can serve my clients at the highest level and help them to push to their unlimited potential too and grow their companies exponentially.

You know you’re up leveling when:
  • You’re making massive adjustments in your business
  • You’re experiencing personal and business growth (and note the business growth here is the behind the scenes business adjustments that lead to increased profits)
  • And all the while it’s feeling super out of your comfort zone awkward

And if you’re currently looking to expand your business in a sustainable and savvy way, be sure to check out private coaching with me or download chapter 11 of my upcoming book The Uplevel Project.

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