Urgh Facebook you annoy me!

Today’s blog  seemed a relevant topic as I have been in many conversations lately where people started talking about negative experiences with certain facebook “friends”.

The story goes a little like this: You just arrived home after a long day and after dinner you sit down to relax and decide to hop on facebook for a little relaxation. 10 minutes scrolling down your newsfeed you feel more annoyed, anxious and down than when you started.

We all have them: the “my life is so amazing” posting friends, the debbie-downer friend with ” what a bad day, my life sucks”.  All of these have us thinking: Maybe I should give up my facebook account. You’re hesitant though because you do have quite a few friends that live far away whom you’d like to keep in touch with. Maybe you also run your business on facebook. So what do you need to do to improve your facebook experience and use it to positively impact your life? The secret’s in today’s Action Steps! 

ActionstepThe secret’s in today’s Action Steps!

1) Hide all friends with comments that bring up negative feelings in you:
Out of sight out of mind! You’ll still be able to check in with your friend when you want to know how they are, but at least you won’t have to get down when they start bragging, complaining or give you their real life drama.

2) Delete the long lost, nothing in common acquaintance:
If you have a whole lot of people whom you’ve totally lost contact with or never really build a friendship to start with with and no longer wish to have in your life, cut the ties: unfriend them. Is this rude? No, if someone no longer have a positive influence in your life, you both don’t support each other on any real level then spring cleaning your friend’s list is completely justified. Maybe even consider putting all your professional acquaintances on LinkedIn and take them off your facebook account, this way you can separate business from pleasure.

3) Keep in mind Facebook is NOT REAL LIFE!
Think about it, when do you mostly share stuff on facebook? Definitely more when things are great. When you’re at a party and dressed to kill, when you are on vacation at an exotic location or on the beach and doing something fun. Is this your EVERY DAY life experience? Nope. Other people do exactly the same. Stop comparing your life to others and realize that we are all unique and have our own exciting and less exciting experiences, be grateful for what you have and realize that you are so much more than just your facebook account.

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