What is enough?

Today, we’re going to explore what is enough for you.

This topic of what is enough is something that often comes up with my private coaching clients, as well as in the Ultimate Career Bootcamp, and in my Savvy Success Mastermind.

We all have this question, how much money is going to be enough? How big do I want my business to be? For you to get deep and clear on this, I’m going to probe you with a couple of questions today.

You see, it is in our nature to want more, more, more, more, and more. We also live in a society that has taught us that more is better. But more isn’t necessarily going to fulfill you on that level that you think it will. That is why it’s crucial for you to get clear on what is enough for you.

A couple of ways that you can do this:

Firstly, in the financial department, you’ll want to reverse-engineer your budget. What you want to do here is include everything that you enjoy in your life and need to be happy. Maybe it’s some Pilates classes, and you also want to buy a house, and you like going shopping. Whatever it is that you want, start writing down the stuff that fills you with joy. You also want to start putting a price tag next to those things so that you can figure out, “Okay, this is exactly what is enough for me, and this is how much it will cost to fulfill me.”

Secondly, you’ll also want to stop comparing yourself to other people, because in doing that you might start to try to keep up with what it is that they have in their life. What they have isn’t necessarily going to be the stuff that makes you happy.

Lastly, it’s important for you to take inventory of the people and things in your life that are no longer serving you. And you want to start to clear yourself of stuff and people so that you can open up some space to allow new things and new experiences to flow into your life.

There it is, three easy steps that will help you to figure out what is enough for you.

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