What it takes to be the CEO of your business

This week’s mastermind highlight interview may be one of my favorites yet. In this interview, I get the DL on what it takes to take massive risks, run multiple projects in your company and step into that CEO mindset with our special guest: Andrea Isabelle Lucas the owner of Barre & Soul.

Get the juicy details on:

  • How she built the Barre & Soul empire
  • Studies with the original creator of Barre’s daughter in the UK
  • Wrote a book
  • Created the world’s first online barre training in the Lottie Berk methodology
  • Created a clothing line and more while raising two kids practically on her own!
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About Andrea Isabelle Lucas

Andrea Isabelle Lucas is the founder of Barre & Soul, a successful, rapidly growing community of studios delivering Barre & Soul method classes, and challenging, athletic Vinyasa Yoga classes to strengthen body, mind & soul.

Barre & Soul method fuses elements of ballet conditioning exercises, yoga, pilates and calisthenics for a total mind-body workout that never fails to challenge and uplift clients. Andrea has overcome personal challenges from teen pregnancy to domestic abuse and is building an empire based on her expertise and passion for women’s issues, mind/body wellness, and Barre based on the authentic Lotte Berk method.

She learned early how to fuel her inner fire through mind/body fitness, and has catapulted herself to entrepreneurial success. She is driven by a mission to support women everywhere to overcome barriers and pursue their biggest dreams with grace, grit, and strength.


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  • March 14, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    Wonderful, inspiring interview! Great advice on how to manage progress towards our biggest goals, and how to approach risk with confidence.

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