What it takes to build a multi-million-dollar business w/ Andrea Lucas

On today’s episode of the Up Level Project Podcast, we are speaking with author and studio owner of Barre & Soul, Andrea Lucas.

Andrea discusses about surviving her most challenging year in business. Listen to today’s episode to hear Andrea’s answers to the questions below.

You have a unique story. You went from being a single mom (who also had to strip for a while to pay your bills.) and being in an abusive relationship, to building a multi-million dollar fitness boutique business.

  • How did you take the first step to turn things around in your life drastically?

I admire so many things about you. One of them is your ability to jump in and take risks. I remember when you first got your TradeMark for Barre & Soul. You quickly invested & grew your business to multiple studios. 

  • How do you mitigate risk?
  • How do you decide how much to invest/what to invest in next,/how much risk to take on?
  • What helps you to GO FOR IT.

One of your most significant discoveries while participating in Up Level Program was rediscovering your WHY for your business.

  • When did you first realize something was off? (how did this show up/manifest in your business?)
  • What effects did this misalignment have on you? How did it affect your team?
  • Once you started acting in alignment with your WHY again, what happened?
  • And why would you advise other business owners to check in on/rediscover their why?

You wrote a book! (and recently released it in audio format) Listeners, be sure to go check it out

The book’s name is Own It All –  In this book you teach women how to reach their full potential by playing a more active role in their lives and taking steps to create the future they want.)

  • What was the hardest thing/biggest challenge for you about writing the book?

From your book, the Landmark courses, participating in my Up Level Program, and all the coaches you’ve worked with over the years, it’s clear that you are passionate about personal development.

  • How did this passion help you build a successful business and become a better leader of your team?

As a brick-and-mortar business, 2020 was a challenging year.

  • What would you say were some of your biggest lessons?
  • What were some of the pivots/adjustments that you made that helped you to stand up to it all when others were closing their doors?
  • What’s coming for Barre & Soul 2021? And what do you have in the works that you’re excited for? 
About Andrea Isabelle Lucas:

Andrea Isabelle Lucas is the founder of the multi-million dollar and award-winning Barre & Soul® studios and Barre Guild Academy online barre certification.

As a women’s empowerment speaker, she has shared stages with Michelle Obama and Billie Jean King. Andrea is also featured presenter for the World Barre Fitness Summit.

She is a feminist writer who has appeared in Forbes, HuffPost, and Entrepreneur and the author of Own It All.

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