What my 4 year old niece taught me about competition.


About a year ago, my husband and I took our little niece, Grace, out for a fun day around Boston. On the way home we were running late, and, as a joke, we were having an imaginary contest to see who would get to our house first — my sister-in-law or us.

Leaving the playground, we were rushing little Grace. We had to hurry to beat Mommy home! We continued the competition talk in the car, full of giggles.

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It went something like this:

“Hold on, Grace, we’ve got to beat Mommy home. We’ve got to be there first!” And we pretended to make braking noises every time we rounded a corner (even though we weren’t speeding). Then, out of nowhere, Grace said: “But it’s not about who’s first, guys!” And she was so right. It was more about the fun we were having, not the actual end result.

The wisdom of this little 4-year-old translates to the real world, too. There’s so much pressure to be first, to win awards, and to be successful today. We almost forget to just enjoy ourselves while we’re running our race to the top.

ActionstepsHow can you have more fun while running your race?

1) Take a moment to take it all in, including the excitement of aspiring to something that really challenges you.2) Acknowledge and write down all the enjoyable parts of your journey.
3) Change your attitude and expectations about the outcome.

There’s a saying that goes, “The forest would be a quiet place if only the best birds sang.” In other words there’s room for everyone’s accomplishments; in fact, they’re necessary.

Even if you don’t end up in first place, you’re still helping to make it one hell of a race. Your contribution matters. The world is big enough for all of us to shine in our own very special way. Enjoy your light!

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