What you resist persists.

Last week I tried a yoga class with a new instructor. I had heard that this particular teacher’s classes were quite hardcore, but being a fit Pilates instructor myself, I decided I’d be fine. Fast forward five minutes, and I was practically cussing up a storm and getting incredibly frustrated with the speed and intensity of the class.

Thoughts like: “OK, seriously, you need to slow down. What? I don’t even have time to breath. Come on! Are you kidding me?! This sucks! That’s it – I’m gonna leave! Yeah, I’m definitely out of….”

Then, somewhere between what felt like the 100th high-to-low pushup, it suddenly hit me: Something deep inside of me was totally resisting the experience of this class and what I could learn from it. I instantly adjusted my mindset and chose to let go of all my negative, judgmental thoughts and just submerge myself in the experience.

Not even five seconds later I had this giant smile on my face. The faster-paced flow from one exercise to the next started to feel like a fun and graceful dance. It even took me all the way back to my fond memories of practicing ballet as a child. By the time we got to savasana (the moment where you lie on your back for meditation right at the end of class), I was so happy, excited, and grateful that I could hardly lie still. (Can’t wait to take it again soon!)

The whole experience made me think of something Marie Forleo, an American author, web television host, and business coach, says all the time: “What you resist persists.”

Resisting a new experience can lead to missing out on an awesome opportunity. Next time you feel that frustration bubble up, remember that you have a choice: You can keep resisting it and being negative or you can ask yourself, how can I use this to learn, grow, and have fun?

Now I’d love to hear from you. Have you been in a similar situation recently? What did you do to make it better for yourself? Tell me below!

ps – and who was this awesome instructor? Well, it was the talented Adena Muncey.