When can you call yourself a CEO?

Today’s Savvy Business Show talks about exploring this topic along with why it’s crucial to start thinking like a CEO long before you think you’re ready. 

Let’s dive in…

I get this question quite often. Usually when this question gets asked it’s asked from a place of doubt, uncertainty. 

Traditionally when we think of CEOs we think of big stuffy board rooms and men in suits  – with MBAs, decades of experience and more.

INTIMIDATING. No wonder so many women I work with feel a little uneasy calling themselves CEOs. 

Ok so back to the old boys club in suits… no, you don’t have to become one of them at all. 

And I completely get why it’s so intimidating to call yourself the CEO of your business as well – after all – you may not be running a Fortune 500 company (yet)…

So how dare you call yourself a CEO  – right? Right? — urm nope. 

See here’s the deal. In business, there is this definitive point where in order to grow and scale further, you MUST graduate to being the CEO of your company. 

Before this stage – you can still get away with being the workhorse – have a hand in everything and pretty much run your business the way you did when you started.

You can be the Chief Everything Officer in this phase.

And, then there’s that tipping point – where you have to start to work and think completely different in order to kick things up and make a leap to the next level in business. 

At this phase of business, you have to let go of doing everything, hire the right talent, learn to let go and delegate better, work on your leadership skills and start to do and show up very differently in your business.

This is what I call the graduation to Chief Executive Officer in your business. 

And this stage will test you  – this is the part where you have to strive to show up wanting to be a better person than yesterday every day.

Here you shift from being the workhorse to being the show pony – supporting your staff to execute and achieve the vision that you have for your business. 

At this level  – you have to shift from always grinding and hustling to working with more ease and joy.

Reserving your energy so you can expand your business exponentially without burning yourself out. 

That’s why CEOs do. 

So the good news is that you never have to call yourself a CEO if you don’t want to BUT you DO however have to start thinking, acting and BEING like a CEO in your business. 

And this isn’t the easiest of transitions to make. 

A lot of people have a very hard time letting go of all those to-dos and tasks they did for years – and I get it.

It’s difficult to trust others who are new to your business to do the job that you can now do in your sleep.

Hiring the right people and training others can be time-consuming and feel very difficult. 

That’s why it’s so important to invest in help at this phase of your business.

Because you’re about to go from working in your business all the time to working ON it a whole lot – which means there is no one around at YOUR EXECUTIVE level in your business who will truly understand or be able to give constructive growth-oriented feedback.

That’s exactly where one of my Savvy CEO Clients found herself last year before investing to work with me, she says:

I was sick of overworking and making less money than being alone in private practice so I decided to look into a business coach

Fast forward 18 months and Courtney went from owning 1 small office with 3 part-time employees to 2 locations with 10 full-time employees.

And she only works Monday – Thursday and now take Fridays off Guilt-Free. 

“Working with Hanneke has helped me professionally In so many ways. Most recently, she’s helped me and my executive team clarify our vision and define our roles as well as learn to have difficult conversations so we don’t sweep things under the rug because we “feel bad”.

She has helped me over the years define what a leader truly is, one that is caring AND has high standards and boundaries.

Personally, she’s helped me get through so much self-doubt that I didn’t even know I was harboring.” 

You have to give yourself permission to be the CEO of your business – because if you don’t no one is going to give it to you.

Showing up as the leader of your company will raise the bar for everyone in your business.

It will inspire your team to show up committed and motivated. When you stay in the weeds you not only confuse your employees – you frustrate them and you’re denying them to work in their zone of genius too.

If you’re sick of overworking, hustling and grinding and not reaping the financial benefits for all your hard work it’s time to start working and thinking of yourself as the CEO of your business.

And, if you find this intimidating or you’re not quite sure where to start – be sure to reach out  – I’ll help you make this transformation to confident CEO, working less and earning more in no time at all!

Stop making it harder than it has to be – hop on over to the show notes and book a call with me and I’ll answer all your pressing questions and tell you more about the process of going from the workhorse to being the CEO of your company. 

Remember the CEO doesn’t stand for Chief everything officer! Stop overworking and be the show pony of your business – you deserve it.

Getting to the next level of your business

And  — if you’d like to gain clarity on what will get you to the next level in your business and would like to transform to a confident CEO working with more ease.

Then be sure to reach out to me by either visiting hannekeantonelli.com or email me at info@hannekantonelli.com.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to experience more ease and joy in your business in 2020.

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