Write your book in 90 days with James Reed

Are you writing a book or have you ever dreamed about writing a book?

What a special episode we have today. I sit down and talk with my friend and editor James Reed. James and I met when he started Pilates and here we are a decade later. James is an editor for the LA Times and as a journalist has years of writing and editing experience.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to become a better writer.
  • How to start to write a book.
  • What the book writing process was like.
  • Lessons learned from writing a book.
  • Hanneke-isms and more.

From start to finish, I (Hanneke) wrote a book in 90 days – this is due to James’s table of contents starting point. He really slowed me down on the first steps and this really allowed the words to flow when I sat down to write.

How to start

Four words, start writing the book. That’s it, that is my biggest advice for those who want to write a book. The greatest challenge is just writing, make time to write and give yourself this time to get into a rhythm.

Journal writing is perfect because you are just doing it for the pleasure of writing. If you are struggling, write about why you are struggling and really move through that space of not wanting to write or uncertainty of what to write about.

Lessons learned from the process

As a first-time author, I remember reading and being told to just write that it wouldn’t be the final product. I had to really go into this with the mindset of I’m learning and reminding myself that everything that I’m being told is to write a better book, and it’s not personal.

For me, I went into this with the attitude of I’m going to be a better writer and this is going to be something that people want to read. After writing in a blaze the first draft of the book was sent off to James for edits. Initially, I didn’t understand some edits but after going back and making changes I see why they were suggested.

So much of writing a book is really applicable to business itself. When we slow down and really process what we’ve done, we can see things differently. Really having some guide post about what you are wanting to do but also letting go of things.

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