You are what you eat – I mean, think!

Yes, essentially you are what you do in all aspects of your life: drink, eat, say, and, as we will discuss today, think. It is a fact that you cannot live a positive life with a negative mind. Normally when you start your day off on a negative note, your day will rarely end on a positive one.

Let’s take a closer look. What you think probably influenced:
— what you chose to wear this morning
— what you decided to eat (negative-thinking comfort food versus happy-minded health food)
— and how you’ve treated every person who crosses your path.


Which brings us to today’s Tweet-It:



Did you tweet it?  Just double tap the link. Awesome! Let’s continue: Yes, what you focus on literally expands into every dimension of your life. That means if you keep thinking negative thoughts, you’ll always end up with the same results.


When I first learned of this concept in one of my sessions with my life coach, Shirley, I had a mini panic attack. I believe her exact words were: “Tell me what’s going on in your life. I normally find that whatever’s happening in your life is happening in your mind, too.”


I had a little freak-out because I didn’t realize I had a choice in what I wanted to think. So in my head, I thought: “Oh, shoot, I am totally in trouble.” (As you can see, my head was already in a negative place.)


You might be thinking the same thing: “But thoughts just pop up randomly in my head, and I don’t have control over them. And life happens at random, too.” Nope. You have power over what you choose to think or at least what thoughts you choose to believe.


So how do you turn your mind into a positive one? Follow today’s action steps:


Actionsteps1) Become aware of what you’re thinking. Try not to judge the thoughts; just let them be.


2) Ask yourself: How is what I am thinking right now serving me? In other words, are you being the positive, optimistic person you strive to be? Are your thoughts helping you to accomplish your goals?


3) If that last answer is “no,” then shift your focus and attention to thoughts you know are 100 percent true and comforting. Start to think of tasks and goals you need to get done today.


4) If the negative thoughts still haunt you, be social. Plan something with a friend or with family and make a pact to avoid unpleasant topics. Focus exclusively on good thoughts.


5) Go to the gym. By moving, sweating, and getting your mind busy with something else, you’re bound to lift your spirits.


Although this is not easy, it can be done. The key is to become aware of your actions. From there, it becomes easier to move on from negative thinking.