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I can help you in two different ways: 1) Help you get career clarity - pinpoint your perfect career 2) Start and grow your business. 


I will help you get clarity and direction to design a fulfilling and meaningful profession or business. You'll get the exact steps to follow, plus the support, and accountability you need to take action - faster, with less stress and more ease! 


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Experience a fun and interactive VIP day with other like-minded business ladies where you'll learn everything you need to know and implement to hit YOUR income goal for 2018!


After enjoying breakfast and networking with your new found business besties, Hanneke will dive in and teach you how to price your goods & services to maximize your client's results. You'll also learn how to comfortably sell and build offers that will keep your clients coming back for more! Grab your tickets while they last.


Savvy Success Masterminds

Are you a savvy business lady who’d like to start or grow her business beyond your wildest dreams? Join me, and a small group of smart, driven entrepreneurs just like you, to learn what stands between you and the next level and kick its ass.


The way to reach the next level of your business shouldn’t be a secret. Join me, and a small group of smart, driven entrepreneurs just like you, to learn what stands between you and the next level and kick its ass.


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About Hanneke

Hello, and welcome to my site. I am Hanneke – yes, I know what you're thinking: "how the heck does one pronounce that?" Just like this: Hah-nah-kuh.  I am an award-winning business and career coach. I transitioned from my Wall Street job to follow my dream of building my own flexible business, so I could travel and visit my family in South Africa whenever I wanted. After working with a life coach myself and building my Pilates brand to award-winning status, I decided to pay the incredible benefits I got from coaching forward. Now I'm here to help you start and grow an exciting business that you love!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I came to Hanneke with absolutely no idea what I wanted to do in my next career. She helped me go back to the beginning and break down what I actually enjoyed doing in my day to day life and gave me hope that I could get my dream job without compromising on my must-haves. Hanneke is very open in her sessions, sometimes we didn't even talk about work. If you come prepared and are willing to do the work and answer the tough internal questions she will help you streamline your efforts into one focus. Additionally, she introduced me to a contact that ultimately got me my dream job, so she literally got me a new job!


Patricia O'Connell

From burnt out accountant to an exciting new role at Wayfair!


John Doe UI/UX Designer

Hanneke's own confidence quickly persuaded me to make the purchase when she asked: Isn't your peace of mind worth it? Her career coaching surpasses all types of therapy I've experienced as I leave each session with tangible Calls-To-Actions and self-learnings I managed to clarify and articulate in my own words. Working with Hanneke was a catalyst to pursue a move cross country to work in an environment that inspires me! Thank you, Hanneke (don't be surprised if I reach out to you for another batch of sessions!).!


Ch'ien Chan

From Boston Wayfair designer to San Fransisco Pottery Barn VP!


John Doe UI/UX Designer

Hanneke helped me work through each of these fears, challenging me to think about what failure looked like and then together we explored practical ideas to help me manage them. This made me feel in control and broke the fears I had down to a much lesser extent. Hanneke provided a safe environment for me for me so I felt able to share my concerns and nothing was too silly to discuss. Hanneke was able to relate and shared her own experiences which helped install confidence, she really knew what she was talking about. 


Kerrie Maitland

From burnt out HR Director of Santander in the US to a happy business owner in the UK!


John Doe UI/UX Designer

The real savior was Hanneke's coaching. Working with Hanneke restored my confidence in myself and my abilities, and helped me to organize my goals and make strategic plans to achieve them. Every single aspect of my life improved because of the work I did with Hanneke. It truly brought happiness to a whole new level!


Leanna Gonzalez

From unfulfilled consultant to purposeful accountant & life coach in less than 5 months


John Doe UI/UX Designer

When Hanneke and I first met two years ago, I had been laid off from a job that made me miserable. She made me realize that my dreams of going to grad school and having a job that I have a passion for and truly enjoy were and are attainable goals in one session! Come September I'll be starting my 2nd year (out of a 3rd-year program), at my top choice school and my first clinical internship. I've found and following my passion! Thank you, Hanneke! 


Jennie Lurie

From being laid off at a miserable job to star 2nd-year student at Leslie University 


John Doe UI/UX Designer

Our Savvy Success Mastermind Session yesterday was so amazing for me. I went home and had a super productive day and already moving again today. I really like how you can cut through everyone's BS and get us to focus on the important parts that actually move our businesses forward. 


Stefanie Johnson

Owner of SwapIt


John Doe UI/UX Designer

My session with Hanneke challenged me to answer tough questions about the current state of my career and helped me identify the appropriate next steps to meet my professional goals. Now, I'm well on my way to establishing my dream career, and Hanneke played a huge role in nudging me toward that path!


Jessica Tuquero

From communications consultant in Chicago to successful business owner in NY!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I think the Ultimate Career Bootcamp is incredibly well thought out and organized. This Bootcamp definitely helped me discover that I really REALLY do enjoy my job/line of work. And while it's not a perfect situation, I know now the elements of my job that could potentially transfer over to a career later on.


Caroline Earle

Doubtful to clarity about the future of her career as fitness instructor & blogger

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I really liked how she did not just give me the answer or just make suggestions, but she helped me figure it out for myself so that if the issue ever came up again, I could have some tools to deal with it. If you have never tried talking to a life coach I highly recommend giving it a try with Hanneke!


Becca Watsky

From struggling to overcome obstacles at work to a successful and engaged CPA

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Hanneke's expertise was motivating and encouraging. In one hour she was able to help get everything from inside of me to the surface, allowing me to organize and prioritize my thoughts, ideas, and to-dos. She was effective by asking the right questions, listening to my goals and making valuable suggestions. She’s smart, understanding and gets it. If you're struggling, unsure, apprehensive, seeking to make a change or have a goal you haven't been able to achieve, I recommend you schedule a call with Hanneke.


Tammy Fallon

From corporate burnout to exclusive wedding planner


John Doe UI/UX Designer

Your story could be the next one!

Imagine taking action and designing the perfect life and career...


Happy, Fulfilled You!

From bored and unsatisfied to thriving and passionate about your career and life! 


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