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Imagine if you could finally free up enough time to focus on those business development projects that will exponentially grow your business?

What if you could gracefully step into your role as CEO and leader of your business, let go of control and trust yourself and your team to grow your business beyond what you think is possible right now? 

I equip multiple 6 - 7-figure service-based business owners, like yourself, with out-of-the-box business strategies that instantly unlock freedom, higher profits, and team satisfaction.

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If it wasn't for the work that we've done together over the last two years, my business wouldn't have been able to survive COVID. Because of Hanneke's coaching, I'm able to weather the storm and I'm excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

Brain Milauskus Founder & CEO Kidstock! Theater

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    About Hanneke

    Hello, and welcome to my site. I am Hanneke – yes, I know what you're thinking: "how the heck does one pronounce that?" Just like this: Hun - nah - kuh.  
    I'm an award-winning and certified coach with over 16 years of international business experience in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.  And over the last decade, I built two award-winning businesses.
    I transitioned from my sales job on Wall Street where I negotiated billion-dollar deals to follow my dream of building a flexible business that would allow me the time and financial freedom to visit my family in South Africa whenever I wanted.
    Today, I couple my business degree with my Wall Street sales experience, a decade as an entrepreneur, and my coaching certification to help business owners around the globe build sustainable and profitable companies. In the process they transform into confident and innovative CEOs with thriving businesses, experiencing more joy and free time.

    One-on-one Business coaching with Hanneke is extremely personable, professional, smart, and “real”.  She does a great job of balancing the practical business advice with coaching you to clarify your own path and barriers to success. Seeing the results and knowing you can actually do it is so exciting. If you are ready to uplevel your business, Hanneke is your girl.

    Courtney Culnane CEO & Owner Leeward Counseling

    Hanneke really helped me with my mindset work to see myself as a business owner (even when I was a freelancer). I didn't have as much confidence when I joined the mastermind and now I'm very confident with myself. My business is well on its way to double our YOY revenue, and we're actually profitable!

    Janet Mesh - CEO & Co-founder Aimtal

    I just secured a massive 6-figure project! Implemented so much of what I learned in the Up Level Program during this whole process - IT WORKS!

    Hayley Denker - CEO & Founder Hayley Denker Marketing

    If you are a business owner, you would be doing yourself and your business a disservice by not working with Hanneke.

    Erin Condron CEO & Erin Condron Interiors

     I'm so glad I found Hanneke. Through her coaching expertise, she was able to help me figure out my pitfalls, ways of self-sabotage and then took it a step further and helped me with tools to change my behavior. I look forward to my next session with her. I would totally recommend Hanneke to anyone needing help and clarity in their business and life.

    Lindsay Coull - CEO & Owner Latitude Wellness

    I hired Hanneke just before COVID and I have moved through this time with multiple businesses and I'm crushing it. I'm working less and I'm about to have my highest grossing year ever, and pretty darn joyful doing it.  

    Janice Carte - CEO & Founder Tiny Spoon Chef