I'm here to help you up-level and scale your business with ease.


Building a business means building a LIFE you're in love with.


I’d always dreamed of having a BIG career in a big city with glamor, romance and prestige. For a girl who grew up on a farm in South Africa, that might seem like it came out of nowhere, but I knew I was meant to live in one of the greatest cities in the world.

So I worked hard, went to one of the top universities, earned a business degree in financial analysis, and moved to London (to pay off my student loan, with a side of travel) - and sort of fell into working as a foreign exchange money broker. Perfect. Right?

Then, when Wall Street called, I packed my suitcase in 5 minutes flat. I was so ready.

Fast forward several years…

I’m sitting in my Wall Street office looking around at my coworkers when it hit me: These weren’t happy people.

Between the long hours, the “entertaining,” the drinking, constant one-upmanship and aggressive tactics, there wasn’t room in our careers for real relationships - with friends, partners, even children. The environment, with its constant yet subtle sexism, didn’t feel good. And I realized that the BIG career I’d worked so hard for didn’t even align with my natural strengths or values.

​I wasn't happy either.

So, on a cold February morning in 2009, I quit my cushy six-figure job.

And I stepped back to reconsider what I truly, deeply wanted for my life.

I loved helping people. I loved teaching. I loved Pilates.

So I taught Pilates. In fact, I decided to make Pilates my new business.

And I was good at it. I loved my classes. I loved developing that rapport with people, helping them to feel good and live well. I produced a few DVDs, taught a few celebrities, and won a BostInno “50 On Fire” award (given to Boston’s 50 most innovating companies).

All in three short years.

But I felt an urge to help people in an even more profound way.

I’d done some serious work with a life coach back in London (who helped me manifest my husband on a beach in Portugal - so you know she was good!), and she’d given me the tools to get clear on what was important, and what I wanted to create for my life and career.

I realized that what my entire life had been leading up to, the thing I knew how to do better than anyone else was:

To help female entrepreneurs scale and up-level their business with ease, while fully claiming their role as CEO of their business (no matter it's current size).


I had a business degree, business sense, I had experience hustling, organizing and making shit happen. I knew I had a unique ability to see the big vision and all of the little steps, strategies, and details to turn it into reality.


But there was a lot I didn’t know, too.

So I dove in.

Cue the Rocky montage - can you hear Eye of the Tiger playing in the background? Good.

I invested in my Coaches Training Alliance Certification and began my coaching business as a side-hustle.

Then I signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School, took countless business webinars, enrolled in Denise Duffield Thomas’ Money Bootcamp, learned from incredible women like Brené Brown, and met inspiring women entrepreneurs in mastermind groups.

Yeah, I wasn’t born knowing everything about being a successful entrepreneur.

No one is!

And in 2015, Boston Magazine awarded my coaching business with a Best of Boston® award (and Pilates became the side-hustle!).

As I reached each new level of my business, I saw my own mindset issues rise to the surface.​

After overcoming the initial fear of taking that first leap into the unknown, I ran headlong into imposter syndrome (did I even know what I was doing?).

Yes - I’d built two award-winning businesses in four years! I was featured in the Huffington Post, Fox News Boston, Voyager Magazine, Boston Business Women - and I was even interviewed by Harvard University on how to become an expert in your field fast.

Even though I’d learned from the best (Denise Duffield-Thomas, Marie Forleo, Brene Brown).

Even though I’d doubled, sometimes tripled, my coaching revenue every year since 2013.

I still struggled with self-doubt, fear and overwhelm. Fear of failure, burnout, and that lingering question of “am I doing this right?”​

My business grew fast. I became more confident and those early mindset issues disappeared.​

Only to be replaced by new ones.​

I was successful and growing quickly; I was actually growing out of many of the clients I’d started with. I needed a new set of business goals, better organization (and better delegation).

Crap. I’d need to show my new assistant just how disorganized I’d been!

And I had to raise my prices, which put me in the same mindset gutter I’d started with.

(Is this where you are now? Growing out of your old clients, having to redefine your business goals and manage your time better? Yeah, I know - it’s hard. But I promise these growing pains can be so much easier!)


I got better at being the BossLady - that’s a skill. Believe me, you can learn it.

But I hadn’t realized that I’d internalized stories about money and success from my experiences on Wall Street.

I felt like success meant feeling stressed out every morning, not getting enough sleep, damaging relationships, sacrificing health.

Because that was my experience at the time in my life when I’d been the most financially successful.

I’d been subconsciously telling myself the story that if I wanted my business to grow, I had to sacrifice the rest of my life to the cause.

Hello stress. Hello overwhelm. Hello burnout. This wasn’t fun anymore.

I had to find a way to grow my business in a way that brought me joy and abundance.

I had to manage the new emotional landscape of owning a successful business, with all of its ups and downs.

I had to make effective business decisions with clarity, and learn how to guard my time from things I really didn’t have to do - so I could have life balance.

Because what is the point of building a beautiful business around helping people if you don’t love the life you’re living while doing it?

It’s this mindset shift that opened the door to finding my next level of growth - with balance. I could build and run this business my way.


No one is going to tap you on the shoulder and give you permission to build a profitable businesses in a way that feels good to you (especially if how we work best subverts the dominant, frankly male, paradigms).

I will meet you where you are, whether you’re struggling with:

  • The fear and overwhelm that comes with running a business
  • Money mindset issues affecting how you value your worth (and what to charge or how you work in your business so you can reach your goals)
  • Working smarter, not harder, to beat overwhelm and never reach burnout
  • Time management and delegation to finally achieve life balance (and keep it)

I’m determined to help women entrepreneurs own their value, charge their worth, and build their businesses *their* way.


I offer a blend of systems, strategies, coaching, and step-by-step how-to’s to help you level-up your BossLady CEO skills and love your life while doing it. Mindset may be the foundation for our ability to grow, but we also need practical processes and steps to demystify the process of building businesses we’re passionate about.


I deeply believe that….

This is our time to take charge, so we can use our wealth and success to shape the world - and make it a better place for everyone.

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