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The Up Level Project:

"A business book unlike any other."
Starting with a traumatic event that changed her forever, two-time award-winning entrepreneur, Hanneke Antonelli, takes readers on a journey to hone their entrepreneurial skills and scale more profitable businesses without sacrificing freedom.
The Up Level Project is a business and leadership book with a memoir flair that hit #1 New Release in Leadership & Training, Business Consulting, and Strategy & Competition within 24 hours after launching.
By sharing vulnerable stories about how she overcame depression after landing in a psychiatric ward and faced sexual harassment while working on Wall Street, Hanneke illustrates how those challenges led her to become the best version of herself. She shows readers how she persevered and started from scratch in three cities across the globe and built two award-winning businesses in under five years. Throughout the book, Hanneke empowers readers with the strategies and tools to achieve sustainable success.

The Workbook:

Break through to the next level in your business in three short weeks. Establish a quick, daily journaling practice that will help you reach your full potential.

In this workbook, author and award-winning life coach Hanneke Antonelli brings structure and focus to the proven exercises and mindset strategies that will help you grow a sustainable business while creating more freedom and higher profits. 

Whether you’ve read her book, “The Up Level Project,” and want to go deeper into its exercises, or you are craving a more systematic way to upgrade your business mindset, this workbook is for you. The exercises, journal prompts, and mantras will help you shift your mindset, become more strategic, and transform you into the savvy business owner you know you were born to be.

Nicole Otchy

“This book is a must-read for entrepreneurs. It masterfully outlines the deep connection between our personal-development and our business development. It's engaging and well-written, offering valuable exercises to help move you from where you are today to where you want to be.”

About The Author: Hanneke Antonelli

Born in South Africa, Hanneke Antonelli is a best-selling author, two-time award-winning entrepreneur, and certified life coach with 17 years of experience growing businesses in various industries. Now based in Boston, Mass., Hanneke draws on her business degree, Wall Street sales experience, and her decade as an entrepreneur to help business owners upgrade their leadership skills. With her help, they are able to focus on the path to sustainable growth that reaps higher profits and more freedom.

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