The Savvy Business Retreat

Join us for The Savvy Business Retreat will on Friday Nov 13th 2020, 9:30am - 4:30pm, Boston Back Bay

Experience a day filled with space, breakthroughs, and connection to help you run your business with confidence and ease.


What would happen to your confidence if you had an aligned step-by-step business strategy and bulletproof mindset to accomplish your goals in 2020?



  • The joy and passion you'll feel when you work less and earn more!
  • The freedom and flexibility you'll experience when you have a clear action plan to increase profits.
  • How confident and relieved you'll be when you've got clarity and direction on your vision to up-level and scale your business - YOUR way!

Imagine feeling like a million bucks!

Join us for The Savvy Business Retreat will on Friday Nov 13th 2020

RETREAT + A  PRIVATE COACHING SESSION with Hanneke. Only a few CEO VIP spots are available.




Finally, give yourself time and permission to focus on what's next for your business in 2020. Enjoy the incredible shifts that happen when you give yourself the time and space to work ON your busines. Experience the magic when you step into a room filled with high-level thinking female entrepreneurs who are all rooting for your success. 


The retreat was such a great experience. It was empowering to spend a day in a beautiful space, in a room filled with inspiring female entrepreneurs. I finally had a chance to work on my business instead of just in it. The retreat helped me to dream bigger and figure out a plan to uplevel my business without sacrificing my happiness and time with my family. I've already made adjustments that will allow me to spend more hours per week working in my zone of genius, which has increased profits. Thank you, Hanneke!"

Carolyn Salinetti
Owner of Blissful Interiors

Alongside other savvy entrepreneurs you'll:

  • create a step-by-step business strategy to increase profits in 2020 in a way that works best FOR you vs AGAINST who you are as a person
  • shift into the unstoppable mindset you must have to achieve your business objectives (trust me, everyone tries to skip this step - and then they get stuck. If you don't do this you won't fulfill your fullest potential!)
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  • brainstorm creative ideas to add additional revenue streams and stop leaving money on the table
  • shift old stale and unproductive working habits and beliefs into fresh new and expansive perspectives to uplevel your business
  • form new friendships, connections, and a community to keep you fully supported and accountable in your business

Walk away with:

  • ​The confidence to harness your UNIQUE CEO superpower and accelerate your business growth with EASE
  • Clarity about your business vision to scale and break through to the next level
  • Your step-by-step action plan to execute your vision and increase your profits while doing business YOUR WAY vs what others say is the "right way"
  • A new community of contacts and friends who are all rooting for your success!

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The Savvy VIP Ticket: includes one ticket to the retreat + one follow-up private coaching session with Hanneke, payment plan available. Only a few VIP spots available.


The Savvy Ticket: includes one ticket to The retreat + a free ticket to one Savvy Mastermind Night Out, our next one is Dec 3rd, 2019.


Hi I'm Hanneke (Hun-nah-kuh), an award-winning and certified life coach, with a business degree and 15 years of international business experience. In the last ten years since leaving my Wall Street job, I've built two award-winning businesses, including a Best of Boston® award for the best life coach from Boston Magazine.

Today I help entrepreneurs make more money while working less, transforming them into confident and savvy CEOs in my Savvy Business Masterminds and private coaching practice. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, gardening, and spending time with my husband and Maltipoo, Khaleesi. (Yes - we are massive Game Of Throne fans!)

I can't wait to meet you at the Savvy Business Retreat!


I've learned from the best and now I'm here to pay it forward!


Denise Duffield-Thomas, world renowned Money Mindset Mentor

Dr. Brené Brown, research professor, author, TED Speaker


Jen Sincero, New York Times bestselling author, success coach


Results & What Participants Have To Say About Hanneke's Live Events:

When you are in a room with dynamic entrepreneurs, magic is bound to happen. The retreat was an amazing escape from the daily hustle for a business owner to- spend a day being focused and present in my CEO role and laying out the bigger possibility for the business and life I want to create. One of the amazing AHAs from Hanneke’s retreat was the realization, that I was making decisions/setting up business and personal goals from my narrow lens. Hanneke, being the phenomenal coach she is, gave proper strategy that got our creative juices flowing to achieve our long term goals possible in less time. Bonus points: the space was amazing, the food was delicious and connections with other savvy entrepreneurs; all were incredible. The post effect of the retreat is that I have been using the strategies and mindset to propel myself, my team, and Nepali Tea Traders to achieve ‘what I once thought was impossible'."

Sunita Joshi
Owner of Nepali Tea Traders 

When someone knows her craft, it shows. There is a science and art involved with Hanneke's work -- and she's so good at it, that you may not even notice the zone of genius working it's magic!

The retreat market the moment I changed my mindset and started to believe (not just say but feel) that I can do this! My gratitude knows no bounds! Thank you, Hanneke 

Julia Djeke
Owner of Julia Djeke Copy Writing

I had the best experience at the retreat! Since attending just a few short weeks ago, I already have been starting to step into my 5 year CEO Boss and hired an awesome assistant which I was holding back on for weeks! I also have a completely different mindset about money and it keeps attracting. Love it all! Proud to be a savvy mastermind and retreat gal!

Jackie Zuk
Founder and Owner of Next On Scene Media

I am happy I went! It's funny I put together my proposal for that client on Monday and I was going back and forth about what to charge. $16k was not enough, $18k was ok and I would be good with that but $20k was my gut and that's what I put out there to him. He got back to me today saying the proposal looked good and we're moving forward. As always thank you for all of your help.

Hanneke always keeps me on my toes and prompts really interesting conversations for the group. She is always able to provide so much insight and value for wherever I am in my business even in a group setting...she makes it so easy to apply it to your individual situation. There is also a lot of brainstorming time as a group which I really love as it allows for building stronger relationships, getting new perspectives and coming up with great solutions. I left feeling so refreshed and energized. Within a week of leaving the retreat, I have taken some major leaps in my business!

Nicole Guilmartin 
Nicole Guilmartin Events

I just closed a client at my new higher rate since attending, and she accepted it right away and even validated herself why it was so worth it. I've already made a return on my investment from the retreat.

Kristin Thomas 
Thrive By Food 

If you are a woman who owns her own business, you would be doing yourself and your business a disservice by not joining Hanneke Antonelli's mastermind group. This incredible group of women helped me set measurable goals and self-doubter to think outside the box. With their support, I was able to close four new clients in two months, hire a support staff person and silence the self-doubter. Synergy at it's finest!"

Erin Condron
Erin Condron Interiors 

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