The Savvy Business Retreat


Experience a day filled with space, breakthroughs, and connection to help you run your business like a savvy CEO!


What would happen to your confidence if you had an aligned step-by-step business strategy and bulletproof mindset to accomplish your goals this year?



  • The joy and passion you'll feel when you work less and earn more!
  • The freedom and flexibility you'll experience when you have a clear action plan to increase profits.
  • How confident and relieved you'll be when you've got clarity and direction on your vision to up-level and scale your business.

Imagine feeling like a million bucks!

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Payment Plan: 3 installments of $179.


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Finally, give yourself time and permission to focus on working ON your business vs. in it. Experience the incredible shifts that happen when you step into a room filled with high-level thinking female entrepreneurs who are all rooting for your success. 



Alongside other savvy entrepreneurs you'll:

  • create a step-by-step business strategy to increase profits
  • shift into the unstoppable mindset you must have to achieve your business objectives (trust me, everyone tries to skip this step - and then they get stuck. If you don't do this you won't fulfill your fullest potential!)
  • 1
  • brainstorm creative ideas to add additional revenue streams and stop leaving money on the table
  • shift old stale and unproductive working habits and beliefs into fresh new and expansive perspectives to uplevel your business
  • form new friendships, connections, and a community to keep you fully supported and accountable in your business

Walk away with:

  • ​The confidence to harness your CEO superpower and accelerate your business growth
  • Clarity about your business vision to scale and break through to the next level
  • Your unique step-by-step action plan to execute your vision and increase your profits 
  • A new community of contacts and friends who are all rooting for your success!

Grab Advantage of Early Bird Pricing When You Pay in Full! 


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Pay in full with one payment of $299!


Payment Plan: 3 installments of $179.


Can't make it this time!? Be the first to know when early bird tickets go on sale for our next Savvy Business Retreat: 


Hi I'm Hanneke (Hun-nah-kuh), an award-winning and certified life coach, with a business degree and 15 years of international business experience. In the last ten years since leaving my Wall Street job, I've built two award-winning businesses, including a Best of Boston® award for the best life coach from Boston Magazine.

Today I help entrepreneurs make more money while working less, transforming them into confident and savvy CEOs in my Savvy Business Masterminds and private coaching practice. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, gardening, and spending time with my husband and Maltipoo, Khaleesi. (Yes - we are massive Game Of Throne fans!)

I can't wait to meet you at the Savvy Business Retreat!


I've learned from the best and now I'm here to pay it forward!


Denise Duffield-Thomas, world renowned Money Mindset Mentor

Dr. Brené Brown, research professor, author, TED Speaker


Jen Sincero, New York Times bestselling author, success coach


Results & what Participants Have To Say About Hanneke's Live Events:


I am happy I went! It's funny I put together my proposal for that client on Monday and I was going back and forth about what to charge. $16k was not enough, $18k was ok and I would be good with that but $20k was my gut and that's what I put out there to him. He got back to me today saying the proposal looked good and we're moving forward. As always thank you for all of your help.

Nicole Guilmartin 
Nicole Guilmartin Events

I just closed a client at my new higher rate since doing the VIP Price & Sales Day, and she accepted it right away and even validated herself why it was so worth it. That's $100 more per month than what I was charging, So, I've already made a return on my investment from the VIP day.

Kristin Thomas 
Thrive By Food 

If you are a woman who owns her own business, you would be doing yourself and your business a disservice by not joining Hanneke Antonelli's mastermind group. This incredible group of women helped me set measurable goals and self-doubter to think outside the box. With their support, I was able to close four new clients in two months, hire a support staff person and silence the self-doubter. Synergy at it's finest!"

Erin Condron
Erin Condron Interiors 

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Pay in full with one payment of $299!


Payment Plan: 3 installments of $179.


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This night is about contribution, community and receiving support. 


No more feeling awkward, shy and wasting time going to an event and returning home empty-handed. We have your back! The Savvy Success Mastermind nights will give you the opportunity to meet like-minded women in an intimate setting that will help you expand your business connections and give you the community and support you've been looking for!

You'll get a chance to connect with everyone at the event in a meaningful and comfortable way.

Attending is as easy as 1, 2, 3!​


Complete all three steps in order to join us at the Mastermind Night Out Jan 29th at 5:30-8pm in Downtown Boston


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If you're new to us, we're so excited to meet you and will be in touch with an answer too, in the very slim event that your application is not approved, you'll be refunded within 7 business days. 


VIP Smart Profits Day: 


This price and sales online training workshop's unique approach to charging and owning your worth will equip you with immediate strategies to implement and increase your revenue fast! (think like the day after you attend this workshop! - I'm not kidding or being cheezy, scroll to the bottom of the page to see fast results from other attendees) Limited to only 10 people.


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Please note that due to the fact that I can only accommodate a certain number of people at these events all sales are FINAL and non-refundable.