Expanding From One to Multiple Cities with Fortune 500 Employee Benefits (During a Pandemic.)

I hired Hanneke Hugo Antonelli right before the pandemic (because I was overwhelmed and in tears) and went from 5 employees in Boston to 25 in 5 cities and I’m doing it Like. A. Boss. Call her!” 

Janice Carte

Before working with Hanneke: 

  • Janice was overworked with no bandwidth to grow. She knew she needed to step into the next level of leadership to grow her business, but was having trouble stepping away and letting go of the daily responsibilities.

Why Janice decided to hire Hanneke: 

Janice interviewed several coaches but decided to hire Hanneke because of her qualifications, experience and no BS attitude. She knew it was time to do things differently and hired Hanneke to get the job done.

Transformation experienced as a result of working with Hanneke:

“I stopped running around like a nut-job doing all the low-level things. Hanneke helped me identify the big rocks that helped my staff feel supported and increased my bottom line. I did big stuff like contributing to my employees’ retirement, I spent time making my clients feel seen and valued, bought a house and created peace for me in my living situation, and I hired a director of Operations, and am currently in the process of expanding to another city. I pretty much went from being self-employed to running a business, and now have a team of 9, doubling our gross each year for the last three years. A year ago, I was angry and crying. Now I am more joyful, balanced, and expansive than ever. I have more time and I spend it doing what is important and what is truly valuable  to me.”

Changes that happened in the way the business is managed as a result of working with Hanneke : 

  1. Identifying and focusing on leadership tasks that drive profits
  2. Expanding to a team of 25 and counting, including the hiring of a Director of Operations to further free up Janice’s time to focus on profit-generating tasks.
  3. Created systems and structures to expand to new cities. 
  4. Fortune 500 benefits for employees.
  5. Focused on and defined Janice’s resilience routine to support her energy and mindset as she continues to grow.

End Result:

  • Doubled gross and increased revenue to break the million-dollar mark (projected to double again in 2022.)
  • Expanded team to 25 employees with benefits, and hired key positions to sustain growth
  • Expanding business to five new cities in the US.
  • Janice has more time, is more joyful, and balanced than ever before

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