Hiring a coach: Mind these red flags

Today we continue our series on ensuring you hire the right business coach for your business. 

As I’ve mentioned before, the quality of the coach you invest in will determine the future and success of your business. Because coaching is an unregulated industry, anyone can hang a shingle and call themselves a coach.  I’m here to help you identify and hire a quality coach.

Here are the red flags to look out for:

  1. I did it – now I’ll teach you how – that’s not coaching. That’s teaching. While we can get valuable tips from others’ success, your path to success will look much different than the next person’s because you have a distinct personality, way of operating, and your business may also be completely different. 
  1. If they try to pressure you into buying on the sales call – that can be very manipulative. And it would make me question their ethics and business practices.
  2. No certification. There’s an art to coaching that one only truly understands if you’ve gone through a coach training program. It’s more than just asking insightful, powerful questions. Ensure your coach has a certification or has gone through a coaching program.
  3. When your coach can’t remember conversations or is not keeping you focused, this can signify that the coach is working with too many people. Be sure to ask your coach how many people they take on per year. 

I hope this will help you find the best coach for you!

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