Reignite your business on all levels. Uncolck your joyful path to higher profits & freedom.
  • What if you could always confidently see the easiest and fastest way to bigger profits?
  • What if you could instantly free-up time, overcome fear and overwhelm, and be an impactful, and focused business owner.
  • What if you could experience joy, satisfaction, peace, and success with the freedom and flexibility you crave right now!?

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    What got you here will not get you to where you want to go. It's time to adapt a new way of operating in your business.

    Transform from overwhelmed, burntout, triggered, and reactive business owner to energized, confident, and strategic leader! 

    The Up Level Program will transform you into a confident joyful entrepreneur, paving the way for sustainable growth and freedom.  

    Who is the Up Level Program for? 

    High-Achieving Business Owners Who:

    • Have Ambitious business goals and want to overcome fear, overwhelm and doubt .
    • Want to grow their team with a proven delegation process that will free up time and bandwidth.
    • Want to overcome the distracting triggers and fatigue that continues to derail and sabotage their business growth. 
    • Want to align their business to bring them satisfaction, peace, and success (with increased profits.)
    • Are craving the camaraderie of a high-touch and intimate community of business leaders to learn from and brainstorm ideas and challenges.

    And this program is absolutely for you if you're experiencing one or all of the following: 

    • You're feeling frustrated, angry (maybe verging on resentment) about your business or team (you may even have thoughts of selling your business.)
    • You're having trouble stepping out of the day-to-day because of doubts and fear around the ability of your team to function without you (you're constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.)
    • You're feeling like an imposter, doubting your leadership skills and the ability to achieve your goals or run your business without constantly being triggered.

    "I just secured my biggest project ever. I implemented so much of what I learned during the Up Level Program -- IT WORKS!"

    Hayley Denker | Founder & CEO

    "I learned how to work with my unique strengths and foster my own resiliency in order to be the most valuable asset possible for my business and team. This helped my seven-figure business stand up to the most challenging year it has ever faced."

    Andrea Lucas | FOUNDER & CEO

    Guaranteed Results

    On completion of this six-week program you'll get the following results*:

    • You'll have new found energy and motivation and be ready to attain your goals.
    • You will have a clear and tailored delegation strategy that supports your business goals and natural personality strengths, and increase your team's productivity and independence.
    • You'll have clarity and confidence about your leadership skills, business vision and goals (and how to attain them.)
    • You'll have a quick scientifically-backed daily journaling practice to shift from fear and overwhelm to a confident strategic business leader.
    • You'll have a unique resiliency routine to help you rejuvenate and further step into your role as CEO and visionary growth-strategist of your business, who can let go and delegate more effectively.

    * These results are guaranteed, provided that you attend and complete all program calls and materials. 

    My Program Promise: If you complete this course, plus all course materials, and don't get the abovementioned results, I'll coach you for free until you do!

    Not just another online program. 
    This live group coaching program will help you gain awareness, strength and energy to stand up to your biggest business challenges and illuminate your fastest way to success.


    • Transform from the doer to strategic, energetic, and resilient leader. 
    • Get a uniquely tailored process to gain clarity and confidence.
    • Get scientifically backed strategies to overcome challenge with more ease.


    • Get access to proven tools to delegate for optimal time-freedom.
    • Identify and focus on profit-driving strategies for sustainable growth.
    • Get access to tools that will help get crystal clear on who to hire and when.


    The weekly worksheets along with the groups calls and built-in Q&A structure will keep you accountable while giving you immediate implementation challenges.

    Be the first to know when enrollment opens again. Space is limited to six business leaders.

      "The most dramatic "aha moment" for me during the Up Level Program was the necessity for me to lead myself before leading others. My business has been reignited on all levels as a result of my participation in the Up Level Program.  I anticipate my team being more proactive and independent."

      BRIAN MILAUSKAS | Founder & CEO

      "Hanneke is like your business fairy godmother, knowing exactly how to help you figure out what you want/need in your business, and how to get it (usually much faster than you hoped!)"


      What You'll Learn In The Up Level Program?

      This six-week program with live co-creative group calls, will help you strengthen your company foundation for sustainable growth that will unlcock higer profits, confidence, and freedom. Here's what we focus on every week:

      The Framework:

      • Week 1: How to Supercharge Your Potential For Next-Level Business Growth 
      • Week 2: The Clarity And Vision Process That Builds Unshakeable Confidence 
      • Week 3: Implement The Up Level Formula©, A Scientifically Proven Process That Unlocks Strategic Thinking, Focus, Plus Aligned Action To Achieve Results Faster.
      • Week 4: Unlock Your Authentic Leadership Code & Boost Your Energy & Resiliency.
      • Week 5: Learn How to Create Your Personalize Bullet-Proof Delegation Strategy That Will Build Trust, Free Up Time And Bandwidth.
      • Week 6: Focus & Implementation Process to Transcend Into Your Next-Level Success.
      • Access to our private members-only Facebook Page where you can ask questions and get real-time support between sessions. 

      Answer the call to lead boldly and unlock your full potential for innovation and wealth creation.   

      In the Up Level Program, wealth goes far beyond just profits. The world needs more conscious leaders and wealth in the hands of people who will spread it across global, racial, and ethnic lines. In this program, you will learn how to access your highest leadership qualities that will not only allow you to design and experience a rich life, filled with satisfaction, peace, and success, but you'll also create a ripple effect that will allow greater good for all.

      Hanneke is an author and award-winning certified coach with over 16 years of international business experience growing companies in various industries. She personally built two award-winning businesses in less than five years.

      She transitioned from her sales job on Wall Street, where she negotiated billion-dollar deals, to her dream of building a flexible business that would allow her the freedom to visit her parents in South Africa whenever she wanted.

      Hanneke couples her business degree with her Wall Street sales experience, and uses her decade in entrepreneurship and coaching certification to help business owners build sustainable and profitable companies. With her help clients transcend into their next level of innovation and leadership with joy and ease.

      Establish new profit-generating habits!