Get out of the day-to-day. Bring focus to what really matters. Drive higher profits and freedom.

    Are you stuck in the weeds of your business, overworked, and overwhelmed?

    Gain clarity, confidence, and free up headspace.
    Grow your business faster, while freeing up time. Receive proven business strategies from Hanneke  - a certified and award-winning coach with over 17 years of experience growing and scaling businesses in various industries.

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    Transformational Results Revealed Through Client Case Studies:

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    The Three Key Areas We'll Focus on That Allows Sustainable Growth with Less Stress & Frustration:

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    Increase Your Profits

    Create More Freedom

    Become More Resilient 

    Want to learn more about what working with me entails?

    Let's discuss how I can help you!

      I hired Hanneke just before COVID and I have moved through this time with multiple businesses and I'm crushing it. I'm working less and about to have my highest grossing year ever, and actually pretty damn joyful doing it .

      Janice Carte Founder & CEO Tiny Spoon Chef

      My professional world has grown, matured, stabilized, and literally exudes joy. I am indebted to you for pushing me, understanding me, contradicting me, supporting me, laughing with me, and not accepting any BS from me. I am so excited for what's next! The "clarity" of the past year's journey has been rewarding, to say the least. 

      Brian Milauskas - FOUNDER & CEO Kidstock! Theater

      Hanneke has completely transformed my business and more importantly myself. She’s helped me make so much money - highly recommend! ~ Founder and Owner of Leeward Counseling 

      Courtney Culnane - Founder & CEO Leeward Counseling


      Through this 90-minute workshop, I was able to gain clarity and focus, which allowed me to bring back to our team, our game plan for adapting and pivoting during COVID. A vulnerable time for all business owners, I left our workshop with enhanced confidence and clearly defined action items that we started implementing the next day. Thank you, Hanneke!" 

      Kristin ChambersFounder & CEO of TRAVELLUSTRE & DA Luxury Travel

      Here's what I've helped past clients do in their business:

      Grow from multiple six to seven figures and beyond.

      Scale to multiple locations and growing an efficient team.

      Negotiate sale of business and exit strategy support.

      Fundraising, new business buying and negotiation strategy.

      Org restructure and vision to execution strategy.

      Step out of the day-to-day and create more freedom.

      I have experience helping the following types of businesses:

      Fitness Studios
      Mental Health Counseling 
      Pre-/Post-Natal Care Services
      Event Planning
      Creative Theatre
      Travel Agency

      Startup physical products
      Tea Industry
      Salon & Spa
      Janitorial Services
      PR + Marketing
      Care Giving Agency
      Interior Design
      Personal Chef Business

      The experience was truly transformative. Wow wow wow. I was so inspired and impressed. It was everything I hoped it would be. THANK YOU, Hanneke. I'm still on cloud nine.

      Hayley Denker Founder & CEO Hayley Denker Marketing

      Hanneke is like your business fairy godmother, knowing exactly how to help you figure out what you want/need in your business and how to get it (usually much faster than you ever hoped!)

      Female Millennial Entrepreneurs Group Professional Networking Group

      Hanneke is an award-winning and certified coach with over 16 years of international business experience. She has personally built two award-winning businesses in the last 10 years.
      She transitioned from her sales job on Wall Street where she negotiated billion-dollar deals to follow her dream of building her own flexible business that would allow her the freedom to visit her parents in South Africa whenever she wanted.
      Hanneke couples her business degree with her Wall Street sales experience, as well as her decade in entrepreneurship and coaching certification to help business owners build sustainable and profitable companies, while transforming them into confident CEOs.