The best business advice ever

Today’s Bonus Insights Episode is the best advice ever (but it will also make you laugh out loud!) It’s such an easy concept and perfectly ties in with my message above. 

Listen to the episode, and you’ll learn: 

  • What never to be in business (this one will make you laugh!)
  • How thinking big will help you win in the long run!
  • Why you need to be open to change.

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Jody Merrill

Known for her wild wit, raw humor, and business acumen, Jody is an empire-building,  community-cultivating, self-effacing, ass-kicking autodidact preaching the gospel of slow movements and fast results.


Jody has built one of the hottest, smartest fitness brands in New England, now expanding nationwide. After years of endurance training for marathons and triathlons, and being chronically plagued with injuries, she took her health and fitness into her own hands. Through study, grit, and consistency, she cultivates an abiding passion for the potency of resistance-based, core-loving formulas for getting out of pain, and into a more balanced body — all in just 45 minutes.

Jody opened up her first btone FITNESS in 2010, with a steady crescendo of successful studios to follow.

btone FITNESS’ signature TONE classes orbit around custom-engineered arkeTONE machines, lovingly called “TONEy.” This is a spring-loaded btone-exclusive machine, with platforms and a steady-gliding carriage. TONEy and the btone method are the key to shaping, tone-ing, and redesigning the body from the inside out. 

Jody has taken the time-tested and proven model of btone FITNESS and has made it available to like-minded community-building fitness-loving entrepreneurs through btone Franchises. Jody is intimately involved in each opening to ensure your success, and the continued quality of the btone method.

While her role has changed a bit from her early years as a solo instructor, cleaner, repair-woman — to her role now as a business consultant and empire builder — she still adores getting people stronger, out of pain, and more at home in their own skin.