The difference between coaching, teaching, and consulting (and when you need what.)

Are you confused about what exactly coaching is?

You’re not alone. 

The lines between what coaching is and isn’t are pretty blurry, and it can be challenging to figure out what you need. 

In this video, I dive into the difference between coaching, teaching, and consulting, and I’ll also walk you through how you can figure out what you need. 


I’ll teach you how to do it.
There are clear steps and a curriculum to follow. 

The person tells you what to do and when. 

A teacher comes in as the person with all the answers.

Teaching is super helpful when starting your business. At this point, you’re usually strapped for capital is need to learn how to do many things yourself.


Provides a step-by-step process 

You get templates, swipe files, etc.

Teaching is best utilized when you’re in the beginning stages of building your business.


Consulting is an extension of teaching in that the person comes in with systems and strategies that they will implement for you or your team can implement.

In this instance, they bring their strategy and opinion for your business is again. They provide insights, experience, and skills. 


Consultants give outside perspective and expertise.

A clear process/system/strategy.

Provides Implementation help.

You need a proven system and strategy, usually something that can only be done in a certain way for it to work. Think of accounting, automization, etc.


Coaching is a co-creative process where the coach focuses on getting you to your desired answers and outcomes. Unlike teaching and consulting, the coach doesn’t have their own agenda. Instead, the focus is on helping the client formulate plans and make mental shifts that will allow them to gain clarity and insights. Coaches also come in as your equal and a partner with whom you can verbally process, keep you accountable, and more.


It’s not a cookie-cutter strategy

It has lasting benefits and lessons that can be used in all areas of life

It can fuel more inspired and aligned action 

May lead to more creative solutions

If you need clarity and want to create an out-of-the-box approach, come up with a plan that’s aligned with your values, your vision, and will increase profits and freedom.