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    How you can utilize your network for success with Christy Kirk.
    On today’s episode we have special guest Christy Kirk, of the Weaving Influence Team. Weaving Influence is a creative team[...]
    Things to keep in mind with your book cover w/ Designer Lisa McKenna
    I had the pleasure of working with the remarkable designer Lisa McKenna on my book cover, and she is here[...]
    Questions Part 2 with Hanneke Antonelli
    Back by popular demand today on the Up Level Project Podcast, it’s another podcast party with special guest Hanneke Antonelli[...]
    Resiliency and Money Mindset
    In today’s episode of The Up Level Podcast, we have a special guest. This special guest is the editor of[...]
    Prepping for a Brand Photoshoot with Nicole Otchy
    I am so excited to speak with my good friend and stylist guru, Nicole Otchy, on how to prepare for[...]
    How I make big business decisions (fast — without overthinking)
    As you know, I recently revealed the cover to my book. Delivering the final product, required a lot of decision-making.[...]
    VIP Launch Team Invite
    Want a free advanced copy of my book The Up Level Project - Your Guide to Unlocking Higher Profits While[...]
    The Up Level Project Podcast Episode #100 with Hanneke Antonelli
    100 episodes!!! I can’t believe it! I’ve talked business and life in the last 100 episodes with some special guest.[...]
    Growing a business by utilizing your network with Janice Carte
    Janice Carte, the founder of Tiny Spoon Chef, a Boston-based personal chef bringing healthy, deeply flavorful food to your home[...]
    Becoming more innovative with Gianne Doherty
    Gianne Doherty and Jay Weeks founders of Organic Bath Co. a skincare line that uses clean ingredients to nourish your[...]
    How your values & clarity will build DEI in your brand.
    On today’s episode of The Up Level Podcast we have two special guests Erica Courdae and India Jackson. A dynamic[...]
    10 Minutes To A More Resilient and Strategic You
    In today’s episode, we’re talking about a quick and easy practice that will help you become more resilient and strategic[...]
    How To Prepare Yourself To Survive It All w/ Kristin Chambers
    Kristin Chambers founded D.A. Luxury Travel in 2007, a modern-day luxury travel consultancy catering to discerning vacationers. She is Boston’s[...]
    Why people choose to work with me
    I’m so excited for the next round of The Up Level Program and the caliber of business owners who are[...]
    Building A Sustainable Business That Offers Wealth & Freedom w/ Nicole Morong CFP®
    Today’s episode is all about empowering you to start taking the necessary steps to leverage your financial portfolio and create[...]
    Do you see your business as your baby? (be careful!)
    Clients often come to me because they’re exhausted and tired. They have lost the joy and passion for their business,[...]
    An investment that ALWAYS yields the best ROI.
    Today is the last day to join the Up Level Program and take advantage of the early-bird offer. Over the[...]
    The real reason you’re failing to scale (and free up time.)
    Do you know what your role in your business is?  When you started your business, you were the Chief Everything[...]
    The BIG business mistake EVERYONE makes!
    I used to chase all the blueprints and “how-to” strategies in business. Whenever someone was marketing something to the effect[...]
    What it takes to build a multi-million-dollar business w/ Andrea Lucas
    On today’s episode of the Up Level Project Podcast, we are speaking with author and studio owner of Barre &[...]

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